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[Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku] Episode 11 impressions [Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody]

Episode 11
"The Fantasy Conspiracy That Started With a Death March"

No more escorts for “impure” Satou.

Not really his fault, seems both times he just accidently a prostitute.

I want to be carried by PochiTama, too.

Pochi's Delivery Service

So Satou's not cool getting it on with anyone in his party because he sees himself as their guardian but he's totally cool banging tavern wenches. You know what? I respect that decision of his and my opinion of him as an MC just shot up through the roof. I know he has no interest in Zena but out of the main girls in this show it looks like she's the only one who has a legit chance.
Last episode next week! I really hope he goes all out on his skills next week and show that asshole noble that Satou the merchant isn't someone they should mess around with.

I really like that about him. I have a soft spot for MCs that act as parental figures to someone. And even if they may not think of him that way, Satou at least thinks of himself as one.
This is also why I do not like it when people call them his "harem". They're more like his family, not romantic interests. Although I guess in the world of anime, those two are not necessarily mutually exclusive... but the point stands.

in shows like this the harem has to be interested in the MC, the MC doesn't have to be interested in the harem though.

I like that he has sex. Not in some weird way, but because it's what I think most single 30 year old men would do in his position. It humanizes him.

yeah i don't know why people are saying bad things about Satou activity at the bar. He is single and 30 years old. He is just more mature than regular sent to other world protag.

Satou sure doesn’t say no to some 🐱

Well, he doesn't have a reason to.

Technically he did say no Arisa and the blue haired one... 11 episodes in and I still don't know (or care about) everyone's names.

Not being a pedophile was reason enough there. Adult whores doing an honest day's work of their own free will are fair game.

Oh man, they're going to wrap this season up with showing those guys whos the best potter in town!
Also, I really hope this gets renewed for a second season sometime soon, reading the WN makes me appreciate how he is busted as all hell, which is how I like my isekai MC's but he makes sure no one really realizes how truly broken and skilled he really is

I had my heart broken too many times wanting second season. I am still waiting for last volume of Haruhi LN and Rokujouma second season.

holy shit so I was not insane and that anime really happened.
Legit one of my favorites that apparently no one ever heard about

When your master can't be trusted alone at night

It's still don't know if that guy laughed because the situation was cute or if he was making fun of Satou.

if i'm not mistaken in manga they were on the way to a brothel when they met the girls. Other guys got a bit chuckled to him for already having 3 doting beautiful wives but still going to brothel.

Putting that lv.2 sex skill to good use.
It's really refreshing to see an MC like Satou. He's banging random girls left and right, hitting them brothels and bars, but at home he's just the nice dad. You normally get either a clueless MC who's scared to even look at boobs or the occasional playboy who's getting it on with all of his harem girls behind the scene, this guy keeps collecting more cute girls into his Harem but he has no interest in doing any of them... yet.

I mean, irl he's around 30 and his harem is made of lolis, he sees them as his children not as potential lovers.

Not necessarily his children, but just children in general, He knows Arisa isn't mentally 12 and Mia is a lot older then he is. its just children's bodies - not interested. There are several others that will be met in the story that he turns down for the same reasons he turns down Arisa.
Nana looks old enough, and hes definitely interested in her body. However he cant ever get the time alone with her. Though the mental age thing does weird him out a bit, its not enough to stop him from admiring her physique every chance he gets.

Is death march stopping at episode 12 or is it going to be more, because I will need more.

MAL says 12 episodes.

It seems like they are going have such a weird end to this season. Like they are going to save the forest, but they aren’t going to actually deliver the elf princess safely, which is the whole reason they set out lol It’s just going to stop and we will just have to wait for a possible season 2. I’m optimistic for it though, since last episode he had that dream state thing with like a goddess or something, suggesting a bigger overarching plot for Satou. Feels like it could make for a great second season

The pacing of this show is so weird. A forest and characters introduced in this episode are at risk from a villain we also just met. Seems a bit thin for a finale.
If Satou fails it honestly seems like it would have no greater impact on the main cast and they would just move on.
I'm amused though that the show has breached the question on how to make a bland MC sleep with prostitutes by just having him sort of just stumble into it.

Idk if this arc is anime original or from the LN, but unless the show extremely rushes things, there simply wouldn't have been enough time to properly adapt the next "major" arc. So due to the source materials pacing, it would either have had to rush earlier episodes more or rush that arc a lot more. Both which are bad.

The show follows the LN pretty closely, with the WN being different timings, though they are close enough that this is where this would be anyways.

Although I'm sad that is going to end next week at least I'm glad for the overall quality of the adaptation. At least we are going to see those assholes suffering in despair adapted.

The quality on this episode just skyrocketed (the complete opposite of marchen maedchen). That forest of illusion part is just amazing that butterflies and the rainbow effect is quite apppealing to my eyes. I hope we get the best next week since its the last episode (am i right?)

Maybe they've formed some kind of soul pact with Maerchen Maedchen and are siphoning out its quality.


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