Saturday, March 10, 2018

[Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku] Episode 9 impressions [Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody ]

Episode 9
"Deeply Held Attachment That Started With a Death March"

Goddamn that Running from the Salt Wave scene is so over the top
i fucking love it

Ha yeah. I laughed when it showed the salt mushroom cloud and the entire valley filled with salt. It was like 20x the volume of the tree dungeon thing.

I'm pretty sure it was just the shape of the tree itself instantly turning into salt. And then when it collapsed it exploded for some reason.

His harem just grew by 7 in one episode. Potential dark horse contender for Harem King?

That would be all sorts of incredible, but I don't see it heading that way since Satou apparently doesn't see them as potential interests (so far)
I'll eat my shoes if he accepts/proposes to all of them (except for the obviously problematic few, in which case I'll eat my entire wardrobe)

There's plenty of harems where the MC is just a bumbling idiot who falls into a massive sea of estrogen and can't handle himself.
This dude just keeps collecting women and gives no fucks.

I would die for tama and pochi

U pretty much only watch this show to hear Pochi speak.


Does this actually mean anything? Why do she always say it

Her previous master forced this habit on her and she is unable to escape that habit. Previous master knew what he was doing.

The English equivalent would be like people who end there sentences with 'yes', yes? But it's a cute feminine way to do it. Like Kohina from Gugure! Kokkuri-san "Kohina wa ningyo nano desu....nano desu...nano desu...nano desu...desu...desu..."

I have nothing against harem protagonist. I appreciate those that have the taste to add twins to their harem. But eight identical homunculus battle maids ?!
And given Satou's tastes, it's a very nice addition. All hail the harem king.

Too bad he doesn't see them as potential interest yet thou

And with this, we reach the end of volume 2 of the Light Novels.
In the LN, she doesn't quite say he's joining him though. She says she'll be free.

And the end of chapter 27 of the manga (which adapts the LN).

I really don't get why Satou continues to lead Zena on. He's not dense and he's noticed on an earlier episode that she's into him and he's clearly not into her. So why is it that the show is making it look like she's the main girl? I really like the show but this bugs me so much. I'd rather have them focus on Arisa as the main girl since compared to Zena at least Satou is honest and straight with her,

that's exactly why: she's not the main girl, that means she's basically an npc in this kind of story, so she gets no human interaction ever
you may have noticed the mc has literally never had a proper 1 on 1 talk with anyone in his team (except the loli and even then barely), if he ever has a conversation with someone is purely utilitarian, teaching stuff or explaining stuff
his relations with his team is about as deep as your relation with the followers in skyrim

Bruh I love them followers on skyrim don't u dare go further

they're literally pack mules in human shape
their top development is that you can marry (without asking their input btw) to evolve them into house cleaning mules

Pretty cool use of Fire Shot to escape. It was nice to see Liza the first to embrace Satou. Really get the sense how much she cares about him, and how much they all cared about him

In her own way, she has always been the most loyal to him. She just can't express herself properly.

Liza is the one who's gone the longest without a caretaker of any kind that made her feel safe. Pochi and Tama had Liza looking out for them, and Arisa and Lulu used to be royalty. Liza hasn't had anyone looking out for her since her parents.


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