Friday, March 2, 2018

[Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku] Episode 8 [Desth March to the parallelvWorld Rhapsody]

Episode 8
"Immortality That Began With a Death March"

Satou can't let a beauty fall on the ground. He just can't do it.
Wouldn't want those jugs to get dirty!
Well, that's a proof that Satou is an oppai-lover.
What, did you think that the mid-bosses just stand there doing nothing while waiting for you to get to them?
Well he also jumped from like floor 10 to floor 100. They probably get some kinda alert when someone hits floor 95.
Maybe more the fact that he literally appeared in the middle of the room, instead of coming through the door like a normal person.
Also, he was literally sent out like 10-15 minutes ago. Nobody would expect a lvl 10 person to clear 99 floors in 15 minutes, so of course they're not ready.
Isn't actually only level 1 to everyone else?
It was level 1 when he arrived at the city, cuz he didn't know the "Public Tab" was a thing.
After clearing the Labyrinth, he set it to either 10 or 13, and gave himself a couple of combat skills, so it wouldn't look too weird that he survived the place as a level 1.

So officially, he's level 10-13 with like 2-3 skills and no titles.
The abduction skill is this show's slip.
What did Satou use to punch the shadow tentacles away? A magical gauntlet or some sort of magic?
IIRC he just put magic power on his hand and hit the shadows.
For the love of god, max your Shadow Resistance. He probably wouldn't have even been able to teleport you out of the room if you maxed it immediately. Actually you should probably just acquire and max every single resistance and leave it on 24/7.
I was thinking the same thing! He could've just maxed Shadow Magic and dispelled the lich, then used Shadow magic to own him. A lv.40 lich's shadow magic/resist wouldn't have been maxed.
Plus him instantly learning and owning the lich with his own skills would earn Satou extra flair-points.
Some resistances would be harmful if left on at max level all the time, though. Like fear resistance, for example. The ability to feel fear is very important for self-preservation.
It's not quite as important when you have all resistances maxed out.
Yeah, the man who killed the Dragon God by accident probably doesn't need to feel a whole lot of fear on the regular.
Glad they pushed the entire cradle climb into one episode so we can continue with the story and combat next episode!
"Hey man, you can't just jump to the end of the dungeon. C'mon, you have to play through it like everyone else. Don't be a sore loser."
Perhaps he done this of the right way to not break some "Game scripts".. What use is there if you cheat right direct into the Endboss room, without the right triggers on the way? You will not get the Loot :)
In b4 Satou vs Ainz Ooal Gown
Hardcore players almost always win vs Developers. They find ways to minmax, exploit mechanics, and achieve levels of skill that developers never expect.
But remember, there are things that are called "developer's equipment" that can't be acquired by non-devs unless they are good at hacking.
Number 7? I bet they call her Nana. Derp derp
Also surprised they didn't bring up the fact that he already has the title of Hero.
Others with Appraisal skill only see his "public-facing" profile, which he had at level 1 when he entered the city, and set it to I think 10 or 13 when he got out of the Labyrinth.
He's also hiding all his titles and all but two of his skills I think.
So as far as Arisa and Zen are concerned, Satou is level 10, with 2 skills.

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