Sunday, March 11, 2018

[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 9 impressions

Episode 9
"Triangle Bomb"

I hate the fact that I feel like everything is going to go to shit for these characters but I just don’t know when

Same. I don't wanna watch them suffer T_T

Here, have a cute 002-Nadeshiko moeblob.

Zorome trying to make himself small and stay out of the way while the girls fought was pretty great

I loved that moment.

"Just gunna silently get the fuck outta here before the bullets start flying don't mind me."

Man the flashback at the start... gobro... you deserve some love too.

Gobro deserves all the love. He just can't catch a break and even though he can't he's calm and cool about it.

Might’ve been indirectly friendzoned at the end there.

Maybe. I really liked the honesty from the two of them though. Nobody was lead on, and nobody was deceived. He's honest about the hairclip, and that's going to lead her to wonder even more.
I thought we were in for a lot of lying romcom bullshit, but maybe we can skip that for adults making decisions.

I was totally expecting him to lie and say he picked it up...If he did that he would go down in history as THE biggest bro the world has ever seen.
But it would of broken my heart to the upmost fullest. I'm so happy he told her!

I think he always would have been content to be the biggest bro, but 02 happened. Not only did she push them to find their feelings, but he knows Hiro has chosen 02 and not Ichigo. He's got no need to set them up.
Sucks to be the second choice, but I think he'll settle for that since he loves Ichigo so much.

I was scared because gobro was showing some deathflags

He is too good which means he is still at the top of my "People i think will die" list.

After this episode, I'm not sure. Having fulfilled his objective of confessing, he is now back in line with Miku and Kokoro in the list of "people who might die first".
... I feel bad for saying that, though.

Can't believe Zorome just ran away like this. I went from watching the subtitles to laughing at him

Can't blame him, sometimes you have to know when to cut and run. An innocent teenage boy is ill-equipped to deal with a catfight between two people he knows will beat him in an argument.

That is the face of a man who knows the fury of a woman scorned.

Zorome actually being the submissive one in the relationship.
The more episodes there are the funnier his character is becoming to me! I can't believe I used to hate his guts in the first couple of episodes.

I can't believe they actually made him likable.

Man, this guy deserves everything that is good in the world. He realized that Ichigo likes Hiro but he didn't even got jealous and starting acting hostile towards his friend. Now I need more than ever that he ends up happy with Ichigo, pls Trigger/A-1.
Zorome slowly getting away from Miku when she confronted Ichigo was fun, and I liked that Zero Two and Ichigo weren't hostile to each other.

Yeah that line they shared was nice, I really do want them to have a healthy friendly relationship


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