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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 11 impressions

Episode 11
 "Partner Shuffle"

From twitter
futoshi just can't catch a break
Edit: from left to right Futoshi, Ikuno, Kokoro, Mitsuru

This is glorious too.

futoshi's VA literally looks like him.

Mitsuru's VA is pretty different from what I imagined

Some obvious things:
Hiro had a high yellow blood cell count when piloting with 02, and the "Elixir Injection" is a risky procedure for children who don't have high Franxx compatibility (low yellow blood cell count) to increase their Franxx potential. Guess Mitsuru got Hiro's "elixir," which led to some memory issues for Hiro.
There has been a few references about Hiro being a special sample too in the past.
Some not-so-obvious things:
There was a recent episode where somebody other than 02 stole the core-kill and it seemed like she was acting aloof every since. In this episode her and Hiro got the core kill and she's back to more of a dere mode. I wonder if she needs to constantly get core kills to maintain her human form.

She was definitely desperate.. look how she ran in and almost got trampled if Hiro hadn't pulled back the controls at the last moment.

That also really confirmed the girl does have control of what the Robot does as well as the guy. The girl can probably override the male input as well but as that a trust issue the Girl normally does not as the Guy has a better vision of the field.

The girl is the body, they lose the feeling of their true body while piloting. Similar to evangelion, hits taken by the mech hurt their body too. The boy is power control. For example he can strengthen the girl's attacks or hold her back. When the partners are in sync, they act as one unified pilot. Without the boy, the girls struggle to move their mech bodies around (no strength/power). Without the girl, the mech doesn't run at all.
Love also seems to play a factor. There are many ways one can love, from arguing to being all cuddly, but without this relationship the mech also fails to run. As seen in the example with Ikuno wanting to ride Ichigo, it's a one way relationship and the mech doesn't work because Ichigo doesn't feel "that way" about girls. I think a double pistil/stamen configuration is possible within the rules of the show (from what I've seen so far), but both have to be lesbian/gay for it to work.

And this week's Zero Two smile
She is definitely on a self-destructive path. Hope Hiro realizes and gets her out of it soon.
I feel bad for Futoshi, but I also can't fault Kokoro either. If this show has taught us anything, it is that love is a two way street. You can love someone with all your heart, but if they do not reciprocate it will never work. Ikuno, Ichigo, and now Futoshi have shown this.
Ichigo couldn't connect with Ikuno, Hiro couldn't maintain connection with Ichigo, and Futoshi and Kokoro's connection was on the low end if earlier screenshots are to be believed.

Yeah I think Hiro needs to get a bit more forceful if he wants to get through to 02 that she needs to share what is wrong with her.

Why is no one talking about the animation quality in this ep's fight scene? It was darn beautiful. This entire episode was.

Busy having a civil war. Perhaps if it was a Zero 2 focused episode, they'd be united on this front.

Remind me again, they weren't sure what love even was a while ago, and now it's being declared openly?
Kokoro's got a doll now and that's never a good sign.

I think they've each come up with a different meaning to "love" themselves. to Futoshi, it's the desire to protect and keep someone safe.

So his belief of what love means is "I want to protect her"
Zorome is basically just "I like arguing with her"
("I like getting attention from her" possibly)

Goro is "I want her to be happy"
And Hiro is "She fills something missing from my life"?

And Mitsuru is "I want to pilot a Franxx with him".

Can someone start making the Gamers love chart for this anime as well. Shit is getting out of hand, ha!

I'm too lazy to actually draw a chart, but does this look right?
Hiro <?-> Oni
Futoshi -> Kokoro -> Mitsuru -> Hiro
Goro -> Ichigo -> Hiro
Ikuno -?> Ichigo
Zorome -> Miku

You forgot "Hiro <-bro-> Goro"
Respect the bromance.

I'm starting to wonder what happened at the Orchard. Hiro was made out to be this leader that inspired everyone. Obviously something happened to make that come crashing down. Maybe we'll find out when the status of Naomi is revealed.
Looks like Mitsuru took the shot solely to pilot with Hiro and felt betrayed when Hiro didn't remember. The fact many of their group likely died taking the shot likely increased that anger. Like Hiro lead them to their deaths. Maybe thats also why Hiro became so withdrawn.
The one thing about the flashbacks is that I don't know if they are in chronological order which makes their interpretation difficult.

≫Maybe we'll find out when the status of Naomi is revealed.
She dead, fam.

Still holding up hope she'll return as a substitute pistil

I feel so fucking betrayed right now
Please god no, I don't like where this is going

My man Futoshi is just trying his best and it hurts to watch. Why do they have to mess with the purest relationship in this show.

Because it wasn't pure. Kokoro even said it this episode that she's not the pure girl everyone thought she was.

That would actually explain why her Franxx is primarily black in color compared to the rest which are primarily in white.
With Mitsuru as her partner it just shows their a tainted couple, pretty fitting.

The lesson of this episode was that people will break promises and hurt each other, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should lose faith in them entirely. It doesn't mean Kokoro or Mitsuru or Hiro are bad people, or that Genista is 'tainted'.


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