Sunday, March 18, 2018

[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"The City of Eternity"

I've been feeling this for a while, but I'm just constantly waiting for the ball to drop in this anime and we really see what's going on. We get hints every now and then, what with this "Infected children" comment, but it's so very much a slow burn that I'm just riddled with stress waiting for the bad shit to come.
Definitely keeps me coming back every week though.

I think the "Infected children" comment, might come from the fact that these people never leave there plantation and everything is sterilized, while the kids comes from a "dirty" environment.
Might be why he didn't shake his hand.

They are definitely seen as dirty (this comment, the handshake, the disinfectant all point to it), but it could go further than that. The bio-checker didn't work, so most likely Zorome's metabolism was different from an adult's.
They might have some mutation or even a literal infection to enable them to pilot the Franxx. It could also be the reason why they won't ever become adults, if that is lethal (it seems more likely than them all dying in battle / being disposed of, since the children from the other Franxx unit knew about not becoming adults).

Maybe this is why failed Franxx pilots (like Hiro's first partner) "have nowhere to go"? They cannot live anyway, might as well pilot. If they cannot pilot either, they are either disposed of or die on their own living without a partner.

No, no no, that would be cruel… it's just a farm upstate. They live happy lives there. Trust me.

It's almost as if everyone in the city have no qualms with telling the children what they actually are but interrupted by coincidences. They aren't really hiding it.
The adults (or immortal old fucks) totally has links with the kids.

I think most of the adults whose job isn't to actively deal with this unique squad just aren't aware that it is supposed to be a secret from them. Nobody in charge thought they'd actually come into contact with the kids, so there was no need to make it a public rule.

Yep, pretty much this. Even the kids from another squad surely knew something totally hidden from them.

Zero two starting to grow fangs? maybe those "test" are to keep her Klaxosaur half from getting out of hand which is why she may need them fairly regularly?

The one with the sharper fangs wins.

Thank you,I always forget what Killing Bites is.

So that lady was Zorome's biological mother, right? I feel like that's what they were trying to imply.
And the children are "infected" with something, which is what I assume makes them Parasites. Maybe that's why the children are pilots, since it'd be too dangerous for the infected to live in their society, so instead they make them fight and die to defend it?

I was hesitant to jump to that conclusion and assumed she was part of the team observing and maybe even taking care of them when they were kids in that 'room'

That's what I thought too, but what pushed me over was that comment from Zorome when he asked if she would be his family, but cut himself off and instead said friend.

I'm starting to understand why Zero Two hates the city.

I am also understanding even more her lifeless comment. The adults seem to just sit around their apartments all day hardly coming out.

It's also disturbing that they use machines to make themselves happy instead of real experiences. The world of Darling is fucked up.

They had the same eye color hmmmm...
Also we just keep getting more hints that these kids won't become adults :(

In Zorome's bio detail we saw for a few seconds, there was an interesting section called 'Bone'.

Okay, I'm more convinced than ever that this is turning into Brave New World: the Anime.

With giant mechs.

And more sexual symbolism than a strip club on Valentine's day

Zorome and Miku's dynamic in this episode was perfect.
・Them getting into a wrestling match and Zorome laughing.
・Zorome trying to dance around the fact that he does, in fact, like Miku for more than just her looks, being unable to not smile when "complaining" about her.
・Miku not being able to not smile when teasing Zorome at the end.
More of these two, please.

Oh man, I'm starting to really care about all of the pairs of the kids. Hiro x Zero Two was first, then Ichigo x Goro, and finally Miku x Zorome. Will we see Kokoro and Futoshi next, or is that little shit Mitsuru going to make that relationship all fucked up? And what's going to happen to Ikuno?? Still so many questions...



  1. Alright... I think all the other kids are like Zero Two only to a lesser degree. Sort of like Savannah cats. Where Zero two would be an F1 the rest of the pilots would be closer to F4 or F5 even.

    Those tests that Zero Two needs to take are to help suppress the Klaxosaur side...

  2. What has been confirmed though is an SAO movie that will be coming out in 2017 (wow, thanks, people who're producing the anime... 2017 is only, oh, forever from now).
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