Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[Citrus] Episode 9 impressions

Eoisode 9
"love is"

The drama Matsuri caused was resolved so much faster than I anticipated. I thought this would last the last few episodes, but it only took a single one.
Also applause for the unnamed internet guy, he apparently didn't force Mei to come with him, despite having made an appointment for I don't know how long already. And added insult to injury it was on christmas of all days.

Good to know that there are still classy pedo's around.

We need a spin-off series of this guy, starting from his cancellation on Christmas.

Matsuri used fake pictures of adult women for her "work", so this guy was probably in the dark

this moment gave me a pretty good giggle

From Mei's reaction, it almost seems like she knew what that means despite her upbringing. I wonder what this means hmmmmm

Since she replied "san?" I highly doubt she knew what matsuri meant. I think that the face is just somewhat misleading(from what I assume is supposed to be a no reaction/clueless face to a "really?" face).

Matsuri: Attempts to blackmail a woman into prostitution
Yuzu: "D'aw, that Matsuri, at it again."
I hate everything about that pink haired little rat.

Well, she did propose a yuri threesome. So that gives her a lot of offsetting points

Mei : Nearly concedes to the blackmail into prostitution because a picture of a kiss with a suspicious manipulator is way worse than sleeping with random strangers

That was the entire point about their conversation on the train. Mei admitted that she was essentially pimped out to the teacher in Ep1, so it didn't matter.

It’s weird. As a child I would wake up Saturday mornings to watch new episodes of Pokémon. And now I’m getting up (heh) to watch lesbian pseudo incest rom com anime.
Also how the heck do you let your sister get pimped out by a middleschooler and then follow it up by inviting her to Christmas...

I was hoping Yuzu would backhand the shit out of Matsuri

Yuzu is really soft hearted and doesn't usually resort to violence so I doubt that she will do anything like that. But yeah, I also want to see Matsuri get bitch slap by Yuzu

This line almost makes up for the horrible things you've done Matsuri. Almost.
Of course Yuzu lets Matsuri off scot-free for almost prostituting Mei to some weird guy she met online. Come on! At least give her one solid slap. That headbutt didn't have enough ompf to it to actually hurt her. Oh well. I'm sure there's doujins out there that will give Matsuri a much more fitting punishment. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

I like how Matsuri casually wants to have a threesome with Mei and Yuzu. She may be a cunt but at least a cool one.

The doujinshi write themselves.

The doujinshi will involve the three becoming pirates and in the bedroom shouting Scissor me timbers!

I still hate you Matsuri
Happy to see Mei opening up more to Yuzu

This show is really fucking stupid but I can't stop watching.

I think it has more character development than many animes, is still stupid, and yeah I can't stop watching either.
Edit: Also Harumin is awesome but Yuzuru is a real fucking champ too! It's because I want to do this, duh!


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