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[Citrus] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12
"my love goes on and on"  

Yuzu - Leaps about 20ft down some stairs and tackles Mei "KISS ME ALREADY FOR FUCK SAKE"
Also Yuzu - omg she's holding my hand omg i cant even am i ready for this what do i even do omg ahhhhhhhhhh
Best girl ends the show as she begins, a useless lesbian.

She is completely hopeless but we still love her

Yuzu is a hopeless lovesick idiot and that's why she's really likable. Harumin is best girl though.

Wait that was actually really sweet. wtf
This series was a rollercoaster for me. Started off insane and bad, went better, then worse, then I got frustrated with the story and it now finally ended sweet. There are just so many problems I had with this show, but it is not really that bad overal. I would give it a 6.8/10, which rounds up to a 7/10. Citrus ended better then I expected.

≫Citrus ended better then I expected.
Yeah I honestly expected much worse!

Hearing from the people who read the manga and saying that people wouldn't like episode 12, I expected it to be a gloriously bad episode that would upset everyone. But it ended quite sweet and simple. I could nitpick how the reasoning of Nina for stopping Yuzu didn't make sense or that Sara throwing away her love Mei was bullshit, but I won't, because this episode was just good. It is seriously the best episode (which looking back isn't a big accomplishment). Pretty good ending for a otherwise bad/mediocre series.

I herd the opposete. I herd everyone was gonna love this episode.
I can see why too. It wasen't bad but it was a good end to the series. Makes me wonder if there is enough material for a second season.

I think there's probably just about enough material for a 2nd season, but the manga's going into its finale in the next year or so. It's probably not worth it for producers to invest in a 2nd(/3rd?) season.

I say that's almost ideal for producers. You have a story that wraps up neatly for a 2nd cour. It really all depends on how the anime is recieved and how well the end of the manga is recieved. If both get a good reception it'd be silly of them to not cash in on an easy 2nd round.

I missed last week's episode so I'd like to say something about it. Harumin said she's a history buff. I love history too.
Could Best Girl TM be any more perfect?

Harumin is clearly best girl no question.

It does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not strop.
I like this ship. Mama Harumin deserves some happiness, and Momokino, for all her faults, could probably make her happy. Moreso than Matsuri at least.
Side note though, don't fuck with Nina. Girl stronk.

That scene with Nina was one of the highlights this episode.

I agree with this. Both Nina and Sara left with very good impressions.

where did this crowd even come from
 top 10 ultimate anime moves 

That's the HaruminxYuzu crowd, here to stop this madness

... probably all of them, though.

≫where did this crowd even come from
That shot made me laugh. Completely out of nowhere, especially since they first established that there's pretty much nobody around...And then those people suddenly materialize to make the chase more dramatic.

After that crowd of people appeared, I was expecting two guys carrying a pane of glass to suddenly walk out.

That's Mei's Illusion Magic technique.

According to Logan Paul, "Japan is all about the respect", which is why you can see two lesbian sisters running through crowds of people, shouting and making noise, and making out on the floor of a shrine.

Yuri is respect incarnate.

The best way to respect women is to let them fuck each other, I guess?

≫"I wish for health, happiness and hella bitches." - Logan Paul
Well, we got that.

Yuzu has a bright future in the wwe I think between suplex-ing Sara in the shower and that huge chase scene jump/tackle. I know people have varying feelings about the show but I loved it and am happy with the way it wrapped up. I'll still read ahead in the manga but when it gets sad I'll just rewatch the ending here and pretend that's the end of it. Edit: spelling

A worthy spin-off, Yuzu the ring champion

Ok now that this shit is done where is my Harumin spinoff

Can we just have every anime remade to have the main character be Harumin?
Full Metal Harumin: Haruminhood, Attack on Harumin, Harumin Stars, Harumin Note, Code Harumin, Harumin of Sidonia, Gundam Harumin, Haruminlord...


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