Wednesday, March 14, 2018

[Citrus] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"winter of love"

The little sister is the big sister

Can you repeat that again? This is too confusing

The big sister is the little sister

I just realized how similar these two characters are

In appearance. Only.

That and voice actor

Ofcourse the girl Sara met was Mei

I really was hoping for Harumin, that girl needs some well deserved attention too.
But of course it's Mei getting all the action.

I expected Mei for maximum drama, but really, instantly falling in love with mama Harumin would make more sense.

I just want Yuzu to be happy, damnit

And protect Harumin

Yuzu should be with Harumin really

Yuzu getting rejected at the end was basicaly aniME_irl

I'm not so sure she was rejected. Yuzu decided to be dumb and say she loves Mei as her sister. So if Mei believed her it would make sense that she would want Yuzu to forget that she tried to fuck her

She was about to say more though, before Mei cut her off.
Anyway, Anime being Anime. Communication? What is that?

I‘m definitely on Yuzu‘s side considering the christmas situation. Mei offered Yuzu sex as some sort of „chargeback“ cuz of her help with her dad/grandfather. She acted like she owed that to Yuzu. It wouldn have felt right if they had sex there. UGH MEI PLS GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER D; We all would kill for someone like Yuzu in our lifes >_<
If the last episode will end like this I‘m gonna be so sad and unsatisfied :(

Seriously. Yuzu is the sensible one in this horrible relationship and by this point I'm starting to question why she's even in love with Mei.

I feel like we've done this before. Love triangle, nobody understands their feelings, etc.
We did this exact thing last arc.

And we're still being plagued with the "Just Talk" trope.
This episode is the first one so far where I've felt like dropping the show. I'm sad now.

Don't drop it now. The payoff of this arc is one of the best in the series.

Thank you brave man, your comment might not only save me, but other souls aswell.

If you love someone, you have to be more considerate of their feelings.

I'm sorry, are you the same character we saw two episodes ago that tried to destroy your love's feelings for another out of pure spite?

Maybe I'm being too harsh, but Matsuri ruined this show for me. I was enjoying it until she showed up, but the fact is that she did so much messed up shit to Mei and Yuzu, didn't suffer any consequences for it, was almost immediately forgiven by both of them, and ultimately did NOTHING relevant in the story. And now she's trying to buddy back up to Mei like she didn't try to blackmail her into prostitution. She's a terrible person both in the story and as a character.

I'd disagree here. Her actions, while horrible, forced Mei to make a decision about what she wanted her relationship with Yuzu to be.

I guess that is true, but they could have gotten to that point any number of ways. But what Matsuri did and everyone's reactions to it took so much suspension of disbelief that it just makes me mad.
I'm just mostly upset how she didn't get punished for it at all, and that Yuzu still treats her like a good friend afterwards.

This episode is just so stupid. Mei beat into Yuzu that they are just sister's and sisters dont do that type of stuff. Then goes to offer her sex and Yuzu turns it down which causes Mei to get all mad and hurt. Like what? It feels like the author just wants to keep resetting there relationship for as long as possible cause if he didn't the story would end
Couple that with the fact that both the character's don't know how to talk to each other and explain themselves makes it even more frustrating

I think the author's a woman.

Yep, she is.

She must be fond of telenovelas or their Japanese equivalent.


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