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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12
"Sakura and the Ice Ball-Sports Tournament"


So many mysterious little details to discuss...

1.Akiho is having dreams, and she wants something from the person she sees. (Contrasting with Sakura's dreams, where someone wants something from her)
2,Syaoran using a mysterious new power that contained a different magic circle (which we couldn't quite see), and he didn't seem happy about it. On top of that, it looked suspiciously similar to how he invoked Clow Cards in Season 1.
3.Hail appeared just as Sakura was wishing there could be a tie since she couldn't pick between Syaoran and Akiho.
4.Kaito is just... so damn shady. They block out his face a lot.

Also worth mentioning, although I'm probably thinking too much about it, is that Kero is suddenly tired enough to not want to eat? And he has been "sleeping a lot lately". It's not like he did anything extraneous, and not eating is a big deal for Kero. Also they've been focusing a lot on Nadeshiko recently, and Toya was a big topic of discussion this episode as well.

It'd would be awful but cool if Li was the one in possession of the Sakura Cards, and that's the reason for his guilty look after using it. I don't think it makes a lot of sense though.

If you look at it from the perspective of his shady dealing with Eriol, how he is always feeling a bit guilty about Sakuras situation and the silent incantation it does make a bit of sense. Also IIRC Sakuras cards were made clear after the bear switch correct? The bears have gotten a bit of attention in the past episodes, and it would be a bit convenient that switching the bears somehow switched ownership of the Sakura cards powers.

It does make sense in that way, but I'm just not sure if Li should be able to use her cards at all. He can use Moon magic, Sakura can use Moon, Sun and her cards are Stars based. They're supposedly not compatible for him.

To be fair, the Clow Cards are both Moon and Sun-aspected but Syaoran could still use them and wanted ownership of them in the first season.

You have a good point. Did he own any Sun aligned card back then? If so, then I'm convinced.

The cards he got were The Time, The Storm, The Return, The Dash, The Freeze, The Dream, The Sand, and The Twin.
Of those cards The Return, The Twin, and The Sand were Sun-aligned and under Kero's jurisdiction.

≫Hail appeared just as Sakura was wishing there could be a tie since she couldn't pick between Syaoran and Akiho.
Ah, I'd noticed that as I was watching, but completely forgot. It could also be that Akiho wished the same thing....

≫Also worth mentioning, although I'm probably thinking too much about it, is that Kero is suddenly tired enough to not want to eat?
It might be the loss of the Firey and Earthy Sakura cards, which were the source of most of his power. But that means right now he should be about the same as he used to be before Sakura captured those cards in the original series. So there might be something more - perhaps his magic is being leached?

I think he probably had some residual power built up that's now slowly depleting since the Clow cards are gone.
I also don't think that getting the clear card equivalents will help him. His power isn't connected to the clear cards at all, so they might have to find some other way to replenish his power.

Hmm, not that I think about it, how would he have been able to draw power from the Sakura cards? Sakura never transformed him with the Sakura key.

Reminder that there won't be a new episode next week
This episode basically confirmed that Akiho is the person in Sakura's dreams. Although she's definitely unaware of what she's doing. I believe that she's either being controlled by Yuna or that she's just like Yukito/Yue and the person in Sakura's dreams is the "Yue".
I'm glad that Syaoran has been helping Sakura capture the cards for the past few episodes. With how he acted in the first few episodes, I thought he was going to be irrelevant. But what's with that orb he used? With how you weren't able to hear the incantation, it seems like there's something significant about it.

Well, this is a surprise, considering how I'd been absent for two weeks myself.
Sadly, the next episode's the most I'm looking forward due MEILING, yet I have to wait just to get that now...

I'm out of the loop, when's it going to be back? I need my weekly dose of sugar.

It's just taking a break next week. It'll be back on April 7th.

Sakura playing pro at basketball is the coolest thing I have seen in Clear Card so far. I hated that the roller skates were non-existent in the arc because she lost the cool factor of her character, but if her playing basketball is a possible replacement, I would definitely love that. But that is probably unlikely.

So Akiho is actually the horn of a giant snake? Huh I never saw that coming..

More like a serpent-type dragon if you ask me.
Of course, given what that being resembles, I have a perfect solution for this: give Akiho plenty of food, and get her a job a computer programmer. :P

My guess is the dragon is Kaito

Ah a good old fashioned teamwork capture <3
So both girls are having dreams...they gotta be the same dream, right?
Shaoran looking sketchy once again though...

Honestly I kinda hope they aren't the same dreams, but are closely related. That would be one hell of a twist if pulled off correctly.

Sakura with the fadeaway to win it. Kero having the mark on his head when he was sleeping from the camera is just so funny. Meiling comes back next time!

I didn't care for Kaito. I now loathe him. He really sucks.
Akiho bothers the crap out of me. Still. I don't think that'll ever change.
Syaoran back to his shady shady stuff, lookin all guilty.
It was nice to see one-on-one moments with Sakura and Fujitaka. He's a nice guy and raised two great children on his own, but it sucks for them that he's always gone. I wonder what he's working on and if it's related. I wonder if the show will touch more on if he's the other half reincarnation of Clow like in the manga. Especially because we're going back to the library again. What other goodies does he have down there!?
I'm glad Meiling is back (but in two weeks! Ugh, this show is what keeps me going during the week idk how i'll survive). Love her, she's such a pusher. I hope she pushes Syaoran to DTR. And I hope Meiling has a one-on-one with Sakura about Syaoran and being his girlfriend, etc. She's so smart and Sakura has so much to learn.

Finally, best girl Meiling is coming back.
Also, I knew you gotta always be wary of the transfer students, Sakura, they're always involved in magical shenanigans.


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