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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 11 impressions

Episode 11
"Sakura and the Upside-Down Penguin"

Today we got twin tail Tomoyo, and for a brief second sadist Tomoyo. I need more sadist Tomoyo in my life.
That squeak Sakura made when Kero mentioned having their heads cracked was sooo adorable.
Confirmation that the new cards could be related to the Clow/Sakura Cards, and confirmation that Kaito is related to the magic world (not that anyone doubted it for a second).
Looks like things are really started to get going. I'm so glad we get 11 more episodes of this.

But nothing was confirmed, Tomoyo just made an observation that some of the Clear Cards are similar to the some Clow/Sakura Cards. That's not a confirmation at all.

let her grow then we can get full yandere tomoyo
next arc will be invisible card on high school setting

200 IQ Yamazaki bamboozle
So Kaito, Li, Eriol and Clow Reed all use moon magic. Damn dudes gotta share.
Meanwhile Sakura gets a star all to herself, no wonder her magical powers are so strong.

 believe Clow Reed's magic is a combination of both the Moon and Sun, hence Kero and Yue representing each and both being present in his magic circle.

Clow Reed and Eriol use both Sun and Moon. Sakura uses Sun, Moon and Stars.

Actually, no. Sakura's magic is its own thing which is why she had to turn the Clow Cards into Sakura cards and couldn't harness their power with her Star Staff. Could also explain why neither Yue or Kero can feel the Clear Cards if they are indeed reincarnations of the Sakura Cards and thus born from Sakura's magic.

Aaand, my theory is still on. I believe Kaito is using Sakura to convert the sakura cards into 'reownable' cards reversing what Sakura did, so he can take them from her, and they are training Akiho to use magic and books from many parts of the world. Akiho did mention she came looking for a book when Sakura visited her house with Tomoyo. That's when it made sense to me. What do you guys think?
Edit: This would also explain why Sakura is the only one who can feel the cards magic, since the cards where converted using the power of her own star, taking any other ‘moon and sun’ magic users out of the equation.
Edit 2: I predict Akiho is going to be on Sakura’s side by the end, and they are both going to fight against Kaito’s magic with the power of their stars.

I like this theory. It's interesting and gives us an actual villain.

It does! I really want to see a Lee vs Kaito fist fight at some part (even though that’s very unlikely among magicians) trying to protect Sakura from being robbed.

If Sakura possesses such huge magical powers as Eriol says, why can't she support Yue herself?

This hasn't been addressed yet, but it's very possible she's capable of supporting him herself now. That conflict started far earlier in Sakura's magical growth, and her levels of magic have only grown since then.

I forget, are they really not keeping Kero a secret from Yuki? Even though Yuki knows about Yue now, I didn't think he was aware of the whole Cardcaptor business.

He's very aware at this point, and has been for a while. Even towards the end of the original series he knew when Sakura needed to speak to Yue because of magical-related business.

That conflict started far earlier in Sakura's magical growth, and her levels of magic have only grown since then.

Was it really that far earlier? IIRC it was only towards the very end of the original series that Touya gave Yue his magic. How much could Sakura's powers have grown since then?

Sakura was using Clow's magic as a crutch right up until the Final Judgement, so her magical growth basically began at the start of the third season when suddenly she had to use her own magic. You can tell how much she grew and how quickly because they constantly comment on it. At the start of the Sakura Card arc she gets really sleepy and passes out after having just transformed a single Clow Card. By the end she's using multiple without a sweat. This far along I imagine she's more than capable of supporting Yue.

One of my favorite scenes from the original was when she went crazy and transformed several of them at the same time.

That's one of my favorite scenes too, and I always reference it when people ask questions like "Why is everyone keeping secrets from Sakura!?"
That's why. Because when she's stressed about the well-being of others she does rash things that can hurt herself.

Tomoyo scared the shit outta me with that sinister voice.

Nothing gets in the way of Tomoyo and recording Sakura!


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