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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"Sakura and the Sleep Labyrinth"

Some old-school Sakura.
And Akiho is just too good, i think if it wasn't for Tomoyo she would be fighting for that best girl spot right now.

Seeing handrawn cels directly from the old show in a fully digital show is so weird.

Sakura and the Growth Spurt
The roller blades made an appearance! I really wish she'd keep using them to go to school every day though.
Is there a reason Sakura used Gravidation instead of Flight? Are the roller blades faster than flying?

she used Flight in the manga to go after Snooze. I guess they wanted an excuse for her to use her roller blades?

Ah, makes sense. Probably wanted to make give the anime-only card more time to shine too.
Did she use roller blades for this capture in the manga?

Nope. As I mentioned she used Flight to go after Snooze, and for Labryinth she was with Kero and Yue. She didn't capture it until after she found the way out. The only time she used her skates in the manga was after the cherry blossom viewing when she met Momo for the first time after running into Akiho (which is ep 6 in the anime): So her skates made a late appearance in the anime compared to the manga.

This episode should have been called "Sakura, Akiho, and the Endless Platitudes."
Ugh, I'm sorry but really needed someone else besides Kero to balance out the constant niceties. I guess after last week we had to be brought back to reality that this show isn't just about S+S.
I guess 2nd movie is cannon. And with the movie showing on April 1st instead of an episode, I'm sure it'll be discussed more. I guess The Hope restored Eriol's house or something.
I liked how much they established that Sakura is still really young in this episode. Early on in the series there were little shots of Sakura in the kitchen standing next to the stool she used to use in the kitchen when she was younger. This episode she was using a stool again and she put her roller blades on. Kero even mentioned how it had been a while since she used them! Our girl is growing up, but she's not done growing yet!

I agree. Practically every other scene was either Sakura or Akiho all acting flustered while the other gave constant reassurances. I get they were both nice and this was maybe for character development, but this was so much episode padding.

I feel like all the interactions between Sakura and her friends in this are just niceties and reassurances. Maybe it's just because this season has a lot of really good depictions of friendship (Sora Yori, Slow Start, Yuru Camp) but they all feel really bland when around each other. "Tomoyo's a really good singer isn't she." "Yes she is." Everyone smiles calmly and Tomoyo sings.

I feel it may be something we lose with culture. I know Japan is super polite and all so maybe the interactions just don't transfer over as cleanly. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

My theory about how everything fits together:
It's all a dream.

It would explain the inconsistencies with the canons...

I do believe it's a dream, or at the very least, a magician's (Sakura's) [day]dream.
  • Akiho is too much like Sakura. I believe she is Sakura, or a projection of Sakura's past self.
  • The hooded figure... I used to think it was Syaoran, but now I believe it's Sakura herself, or Akiho!Sakura.
  • Akiho does not know about her magical side, just like Yukito didn't.
  • Maybe it's puberty related. The cards are transforming, just like herself. The clock theme is also related to that.
  • It's a private, inner thing, which why people other than herself can't feel it.
  • Many of the cards come from Sakura's feelings or ideas expressed previously. I'm not sure about Snooze and
IIRC, sleep appeared when Sakura was visiting Fujitaka at his University. Made everyone but her fall asleep and I think she caught it with Windy.
Maze was at Kaho's shrine when Sakura and Meiling were racing to get love charms. They only got out with Kaho's help via the bell. Sakura captured it after Kaho broke through enough walls for them to find the exit. It floated to Kaho first, but she gave it to Sakura.

"All of you are far more amazing because you can do things for yourselves."
Maybe I am overthinking, but this really sounds to me like a "those are my cards, but I can't seal them like you do" or something like that.
It is another completely different deck of cards, after all. Now we got Snooze instead of Sleep and Labyrinth instead of Maze. I can't help but love and suspect about Akiho.

Kaito seems more suspicious than Akiho for me. He had several strange comments and faces in this episode, including an eyes-cut-off shady shot when he asked Akiho if Sakura cared about her too.

Kind of unusual to address yourself by your given name to your children, or at least where I'm from. Though Fujitaka does use honorifics with his children too, which doesn't seem to be very common.

I'm super hype to see how they deal with inconsistencies between the 2nd film canon and the current anime canon. They have so many cool things they could do to explain the whole Eriol's mansion situation.
Seeing the picture album as straight up screenshots from the 2nd film was really cool too. The old 90's aesthetic makes me nostalgic as hell.

Its so fun having a new Card Captor mystery. I was famaliar with the first two seasons as a kid. I love how I don't know wtf is up with Akiho and all the dreamy stuff. And I love dreamy atmospheres in shows. I love the relaxed pacing and characters too.

This episode was missing some snark to counter the sweetness. Even Meiling was super-sweet (not that I minded that at all, best scene in the episode). Having Toya around would have helped.
Labyrinth's first appearance was great, but the capture itself was underwhelming. They didn't have to do anything at all..
So Akiho's definitely not collecting cards/is an active magical girl. Wonder what the deal is with her guardians, then..

No Syaoran this episode!
This scene change is a bit unCCS-like.

No Tomoyo either (although in her case, Meiling is basically taking over the role she had in the manga chapters that were the basis of this episode, given how the deviations in the previous episode resulted in her having a bigger role in that one).


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