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[Boruto] Episode 51 impressions

Episode 51
"Boruto's Birthday"

You know shit's up when they mentioned White Zetsu and Kaguya.

I’ll always love how they handled Boruto’s relationship with Naruto. It works so well for me at least. We have Naruto who’s in this position that he’s always strived for in a time where it’s far heavier a responsibility who also never had a parent and thus has no idea how to be better at it. He wants to live by the creed that Hiruzen treated the village as his family but at the same time he’s letting down his own family even if the other two are more forgiving.
And then you have Boruto who probably grew up for a while idolizing his dad who’s touted as this cool hero and now he’s distant and Boruto is in the position of being the hero and seventh Hokage’s son; always treated as the son of a title he loathes and alienated for being such even though he’s his own person and a prodigy at that. Just love the road Kishmoto chose for this and these interactions between the two are my some of my favorite parts of the series.
Also holy fuck, zetsu surprise.

I really like the dynamic, and this episode is a really good display of every part of their relationship.
It shows how Naruto doesn’t really know his son any more, but also can’t seem to approach him about the problem. Then you have Boruto who’s frustrated by seeing his dad constantly glorified, while also seeing all of his flaws that most of the village ignores. Not to mention his desire to be acknowledged by his dad being part of his identity issues.

The only flaw is that Naruto could have like 10 clones working in several things at once, being a parent, solving all those papers, resolving all village issues, etc. I guess 3 clones with Kiuuby mantle would be enough for most issues (and he could make hundreds). And the only reason for not doing so is the ass-pull of ~I don't do it for respect~

Because of the way the clones function doing that for an entire day would wipe him out. It might not physically exhaust him, but the mental exhaustion would be unreal if he had 3 clones and himself experience an entire work day each.

That moment with Mitsuki wearing the party hat was gold. Also Himawari gets some love this episode. That cute face OMG. Now we know Boruto had a good reason for being angry at his dad in the movie.

≫That moment with Mitsuki wearing the party hat was gold.
He looked really cute lol I love his character.

Naruto has a tough promise to keep. He's already missed Boruto's birthday and he'd be in a difficult position if he misses Himawari's birthday.

Hey we actually got to see some of the negative treatment that comes with being the Hokage’s son. It’s a minor beat, but I really wish they’d touch on it more often.
I like that part of the movie arc set-up is that Naruto is actually getting even busier than normal and exacerbating the problem with Boruto. Plus the reappearance of White Zetsu is an interesting touch.

OH SHIT White Zetsu is back - it must be movie arc time soon since they also spoke of Kaguya stuff this episode!!
Wonder if they're changing Sasuke's intro to the movie to be saving Team 7 instead.

Next weeks episode is going to be lit! My man Sasuke incoming.

I hope they give this Zetsu the same cunning it had in Shippuden. Kisame's son and Shin Uchiha weren't really that memorable when compared to the villains of Naruto's era. I'm putting my hopes on you Zetsu!

≫Kisame's son
It was never confirmed that the was his son. They are only from same clan.

Who is this Kagura person Naruto mentioned to Shikamaru? In the Hokage office? The only Kagura I've heard of is Kagura from the field trip arc and he has nothing to do with Kaguya/White Zetsu.

Typo on the subbers. Its kaguya.

I liked the foreshadowing with the Kaguya symbol. The presence of those ruins does a good job of bringing her across as an actual ancient presence in the shinobi world as opposed to in Shippuden where she came out of nowhere. Character relationships was another strong point, gives some of context for why Boruto goes along with the scientist's plan in the movie. It's been a while since Mitsuki Gaiden, so i'm holding out hope that the zetsu fight gets some extra time and effort next week

Ohhhh shit! White Zetsu? This one looks like an experiment gone wrong though so it probably won't be strong as the ones from the war. But I like this, we finally have a baddie that we can now at least take somewhat seriously. We know what an ordinary White Zetsu is capable of but what about this three headed mutation?
While I highly doubt there will be casualties I'm going to bet that they won't come out of this fight unscathed and that Boruto's ego is going to get bruised after this fight.

The ones from the war were actually pretty weak compared to jonin. Konohamaru should easily be able to beat it if that was the case. If Sasuke has to intervene, it probably is much stronger than a normal white zetsu.

Oh shit White Zetsu! Cool to see stuff with Kaguya cropping up again.


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