Thursday, March 22, 2018

[BORUTO] Episode 50 impressions

Episode 50
"The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting"

Lmao naruto still eating cup ramen as hokage

A recap huh? they could've just opened the show with this and saved me the trouble of actually skipping to the end.

Oh yea, the "we are about to waste 20 minutes of your time" theme.

That song will never get old. I feel like they use it every single time they're transitioning to a casual scene.

If there's a perfect time to complain about a filler episode this would be it since it's definitely a filler and a recap one too.
That said though the only part worth watching was at the end where Hanabi and Konohamaru were gushing over Boruto. That's it! I'm already shipping these two.
As much as I love the idea of Naruto being called whenever one of his Jounins goes out of control, why can't they just call someone from the Aburame Clan?

On the downside, this is mostly a recap episode. But, on the upside, drunk Hanabi is adorable.
Also loved Hanabi and Konohamaru's drunken agreement on their love for Boruto.
Guess people will be shipping them soon, if they weren't already shipping these two.

I think I started seeing people shipping them as soon as they got on screen together. That was last week I think? Or maybe the week the before that.

I kind of found Hanabi pushing Shino into drinking way more adorable than her and Konohamaru dotting on Boruto... >w>

Oh well. At least we got to see some funny moments with the Jonin and Hanabi being a babe as usual.
But goddamn, this is a new low for the series. And we don’t even get a Zach Braff way of presenting it. I do appreciate Konohamaru reflecting on Naruto’s son, however. A nice touch to be honest.

Don't most long running anime have recap epsidoes if not all? Most of the ones I've watched anyways.

Not the worst clip show, but still a clip show.
Boruto declaring he’s not just the Hokage’s son as he uses a shadow clone combo came out really silly outside context.
...I think I ship Konohamaru x Hinabi... don’t usually go into ships so that’s new.

I guess recap episode isint that bad after 50 episodes, especially when we gonna start next important arc very soon so people might turn in and start watching from now so they get perfect recap of latest not-so-interesting 50 episodes

Too bad most of the episode was just revisiting clips from other episodes... I liked the Hanabi and Konohamaru bit but rest was meh. Seems like more filler next episode as well, I'd wish they would just get to the chunin exam instead of all this filler..

Next episode is canon and important for the next arc. The arc starts after next weeks episode.

Oh nice! Thank you. I was going to watch either way but thanks :)

Recap episode WOO! /s
Not really that bad though. It's kinda nice that the jonin recognize what Boruto has accomplished and clearly draw the connections between the genin.

Thanks for the recap ep 50, I see you are preparing me for a even longer recap of what happened in the movie

Everyone here shipping Hanabi and Konohamaru, which is fine, but the real gem this episode was Hanabi trying to get Shino to drink with her~!

So Shino X Hanabi?

Did Moegi just used the "tte ba ne" phrase? For a moment I thought that was Kushina lol

hmm I was expecting they could at least showcase other villages candidates but i guess that was too early for now

So recap episode sweet I don't have to watch this week. There's content coming soon though that you need to watch the movie for right? When should I watch the movie? Before next week?

I hope Chuunin exams will start atleast with 52 episode.


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