Thursday, March 15, 2018

[Boruto] Episode 49 impressions

Episode 49
"Wasabi and Namida"



when sumire was destroying the village her character design and her personality were badass, kinda wish they kept running with it.
other than that, stayed for hanabe

Yeah, I miss that outfit and personality. Still like her very much, my favorite new character on this anime

I agree about Sumire, although I think she was acting that way to emotionally distance herself from the village and her friends. I think the “cold and determined” part of her personality of Sumire is just as genuine as the “cute and clumsy” part, of that makes sense.

Oh man, I'm gonna be honest I hope we don't see Namida again for a while. Nothing I hate more in shows than characters who cry over everything.
Anyway, looks like the Chunin exam is coming quickly. Next week should be a fun episode focusing on the team leaders (plus we get more Hanabi)!

Right? I was hoping she'd grow out of her crying as we progressed... But they made it part of her jutsu... REALLY

well her name literally mean tears.

Oh, cool! Had no idea. Thank you

It's nice to know that Sai is still looking out for Sumire. I feel like this will be one of those reoccuring things in the show.
Wasabi being short-tempered makes sense for her since her signature jutsu is her basically transforming into a cat.
While it was nice to see Team HanaBAE finally in action I hope we'll get to see them kicking ass in serious missions in future episodes. Considering each of their strengths, their team is pretty solid.

Sumrie’s powers are pretty neat. Good chakra control,a dedicated summon that almost destroys the village (lol), and a good water hand cannon jutsu. I hope we see more developement of her after the Nue incident since I think she is a nice character in this series.

tfw you capture animals using the ninja equivalent of 3 hand grenades. what could go wrong.

No shrapnel though, so it’s a bit safer. Maybe.

Hey so next week's episode is "The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting".
When do I need to watch the boruto movies and when do they fit chronologically? Thanks daddies.

Also asking for this. I haven't watched any of the Boruto movies.

IIRC the only Boruto animations other than the anime is a prequel OVA and the movie. Episode 18 adapted the OVA with extra content while we should see the anime do the same to the movie. That will likely start in the next few episodes. Movie Spoilers You can either jump to the movie at that point and come back or just continue with the anime and forget it exists.

Yeah I think I'll go ahead and watch the movie before next week.

Wasabi's power is being a furry?

yiff release

Dunno why Wasabi and Namida are surprised when Sumire summons Nue if they already knew about it like they said. Also, didn't she summon it in front of everyone during the fishing Episode a while back.

The only reason why I care about this team is because of Hanabi.

And Sumire. I like Sumire.

I'm just stumped there are elephants in Fire country. Are there any savannah on Naruto's maps?
I guess I should have expected it though, considering 'evening elephant'

Elephants also live in jungles

The star of the week is the monkey. lol I hope he just hangs around and causes trouble.


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