Thursday, March 8, 2018

[BORUTO] Episode 48 impressions

Episode 48
"The Genin Documentary!!"

Naruto is a better dad to Iwabe than he is to Boruto

naruto is better dad to anyone other than boruto

Honestly at this point it would be much harder to reach Boruto with anything he says. Simple "I was like you back then" won't cut it. It also doesn't help that Boruto is so far up his own ass it is hard to see him at this point.

While I like Boruto, I do think you have the right point.
People seem to ignore or miss that the whole point of Boruto's characterization is that he does not see Naruto as the Hokage. He just sees Naruto as his dad.
To all the other character's it's like, "omg, the Hokage is praising me! The Hokage understands me!" like, "omg the ninja president knows my name!" To Boruto, it's just Tuesday and his lame dad is trying to be cool again.
And while you can legit dislike the way it's handled in Boruto, in principle it's pretty accurate. If you read stories of real life children of famous and revered figures, they rarely have the same level of reverence for their parent as the public does, especially as children. Even when they come to respect their parent, they also know intimately all their faults and all the compromises their parent made privately for the work they did publicly.
And, afaik, the whole Boruto--Naruto dynamic is actually supposed to be based on that of Kishimoto himself and his son. The world all saw Kishi as a brilliant and super successful mangaka, while his son just saw a dad who was always at work and never at home. (And, afaik, this is a natural continuation as Naruto's own childhood was originally heavily inspired by Kishi's, so he's thematically continuing the theme where Naruto's adulthood reflects Kishi's as well.)

i mean 3rd hokage was a better dad to anyone other than Asuma too - it's a tradition at this point lol

Shit now that I look at it... Was Shikaku the best dad in the series?

shikaku is very wise father, he never teach shikamaru to hate Naruto,,

Naruto's face when he said he was still a Genin. LOL

I laughed and remembered that he lost against Konohamaru on his second try cuz he accidentally used sage mode which was against the rules.

That's not even filler. That was an ova. Completely non-canon.

Well nothing changed regardless, he’s still a Genin. Funny story though lol

Is Iwabe's hair the new Kakashi's face meme?

He's gonna have Kawaki-style hair, just to mess with the fandom.

Couldn’t Naruto just promote himself and Sasuke to jonin with a signature lol

Nah, he should call Sasuke back and be part of the chunnin exam. I would kill to see the poor gennin who would have to face them.

But first we need a scene of the written exam with him sitting next to children half his size.

Udon justu was interesting but Denki ability to hack the cameras seemed forced hope they give him some better skills.

Especially since they didn't really need that information. Like, no shit the roof was about to collapse. They were twenty feet from the exit. Why are they hanging out analyzing stuff. Get out of there!

Yeah lol I thought when they told Denki to analyze the situation he was going to do like a sound wave justu to see the building layout not hack the camera. Also why do they want to demolish the building when it still has a crane, cameras, and electricity.

I love these episodes that are focused on the rest of the cast
don't see them enough since they graduated

Thats why i like these episodes. Everyone else whines that they are filler but i want to know more about the other Genin and also their Jonin. I been hoping to see Udon do something for years now and i got what i wanted. Now Hanabae next week im so happy.
i have a feeling that after it will be focused on Team Moegi (Ino-Shika-Cho)


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