Wednesday, February 28, 2018

[Boruto] Episode 47 impressions

Episode 47
"The Figure I Want to Be"

Naruto just casually flying by lmao.
damn, that's an amazing screencap. would've been hilarious if he looked at our perspective and gave a thumbs up or something
Haha that woulda been hilarious
I'm so glad this finally confirms he can still fly
Yea, we did have this debate but he was flying in the last, so we kinda knew the truth.
Naruto is ridiculously fast!
I’m curious about Ryogi’s role in the future. I hope we can see him again.
agreed, i like his character. he's already a good ice release user now, imagine how much he'll improve later on. it'll be like seeing what haku could've been like, had he not passed
Same. Ice Style is definitely my favorite kekkei genkai and I’d love to see more of it, so I’d be psyched if Ryogi became a major or at least recurring character.
Im lowkey hoping he would eventually join the Leaf ranks. His ice style is really kool
Its what i always wanted for Haku if he didnt die. I read a really good fanfic about that years ago
Getting closer to the Chunnin Exams arc. This was a great episode. 10/10.
Small mention but I have to say I really loved the way Shikadai cracked his knuckles and socked Boruto before continuing on, I feel like they're doing a great job of not making him a Shikamaru clone because I can't have seen Shikamaru doing that. It was a nice touch for his character.
It's literally what Temari would have done lol. That's what I love. Perfect combination of the two parents.
DAMMMN! Naruto turned into Randy Orton. He literally sped past that train outta nowhere! My boy Naruto! I said it before, Sasuke has always been my favorite character, but as an adult, Naruto is definitely my favorite. He's a freaking beast!
I liked Sasuke more in the original series but as adults they always steal the show when either of them get screen time. adult naruto got a lot of hate in the movie for acting "too severe" but im happy he didnt turned out like Goku acting like a child and shit when hes 30.
I know this may sound sad but boruto episodes get me through the week, I love this episode so much 10 out of 10 this week.
don't worry man, there's nothing sad about that. it's good that you have something that you find enjoyable
I would also like to point out Naruto is more scary than sasuke now, that look when he stopped the train, chills
Imo he's always been. Naruto just was more forgiving amd carefree since kid days and back in Shippuden but if he gets really mad.....well we all saw the Pein arc.
Sasuke was just always to himself from early days due to the events of the Massacre and then he always had that edgy side to him as well.
As soon as I saw that orange flash go by boruto and shikadai I literally smiled lol
I replayed it like 5 times screaming omg orange flashhhh!!
The best part about this episode was Naruto
Any time Naruto pops up I think he's the best part of the episode


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