Saturday, March 31, 2018

[Black Clover] Episode 25 impressions

Episode 25

I love that the chef did the meme again

Is the meme even in the manga?
What a waste of salt.

nope but this is one of the few anime original additions that's actually worked.

Ah... I like it when shounen series keep it wholesome. Asta could've seriously wounded or killed Rades with his swords but he only opted to scratch him and then proceeded to punch him.

Truly left me dissapointed,that epic sword and Astas brutish strength are im quite sure enough for a 1 cut decapitation :/ but alas we only got a scratch that didnt even bleed much.

The sword is blunt. It's only "sharp" when it comes to cutting magical things, against anything that isn't magic or magical it's just a big slab of steel.

Even with a big slab of steel you could do massive damage to another person especially when you have the same raw strength Asta has.Also I don't think it's been stated the sword being blunt for anything but magic.

Congrats to our Yuno, it's about time someone fell for him.
Also, Asta is cool as fuck now, I don't care about his screaming voice anymore, just want to see him kick some ass.

asta was epic in this epi especially towards the end.

≫I don't care about his screaming voice anymore,
Him screaming when he's angry sounds actually pretty legit, very emotional, imo.

Charmy is best girl

mine is Noelle followed by Witch girl in Bulls.

Noelle = Mimosa > every other girl/woman so far.

Man, hiding under a pile of zombies must smell really damn awful, that's all I could think of in that moment.

He did mention that he hated it lol.

I liked the way they did the sheep scene on the anime, if I recall in the manga the witch shows up and we only see a punch and part of the sheep.
I remember someone saying they got some extra staff weeks ago, it's really showing on the animation now.

Holy shit, that was great episode! Loved every second of it.

I hope the animation improves in the next episodes tho.. most of the scenes would be much better with good animation

I said last week how fugeleon vermilion death flag was absurdly high so not surprised but GOD did it go fast, and I think we all expected it to be a short battle at least, not that they would just drop him half dead like that.
I hope they explain later that he had to fight all the evil guys alone and that is how he so easily got defeated and so quickly, other wise the leader of the bad guys seem to be really, really overpowered and as its likely another captain, I do hope they are about on the same power level between the captains.
Of course Charmy Pappitson can grow big and sexier and fall in love with Yuno, ship them. Ship them all. And yes like the other black bulls she can actually fight and be strong if it concerns her quirk issue. Was pretty funny but felt like they dragged it out a bit for classic black clover pacing.
Lastly, btw did anyone notice how this recap actually was an edited recap usually they just take 3+ mins of some scene here they actually had a real recap, wow.

≫Of course Charmy Pappitson can grow big and sexier and fall in love with Yuno
Nope, she already 19. Not gonna grow at all.

This episode was enjoyable

When Asta was punching him to prove points and cast talk nu jutsu. Instead if using his sword... I can't even.
LIKE, Asta just kill him! They took a comrades arm off!!
This episode teaches me cutting myself is OK when faced whith intense overwhelming adversaries! /s

Another great episode that got me really hyped. Actually this episode is the most hooked I've ever been in this show. It really felt only like ten minutes when it ended. The stakes are raised and Asta is not one to give up. The Vermillion leader losing his arm was also really unexpected. I hope Asta absolutely destroys these guys.

Pretty good episode, got say Charmy was my favorite part.

Way better quality this time around. Good episode hope they can keep it up. Asta is stupid but has his moments.

Black clover was all over the place for me today. Absolutely hilarious, to extremely fucked up "death", to wtf fighting. But I really loved the love scene 😂

The animation is finally good again. It was getting hard to watch.

i wonder if the wizard king is behind this. he has seemed to be gone awhile and the other guy looked surprised after he was teleported

I don't think he's behind it but I'm pretty sure he's watching somewhere allowing asta and yuno to show what they got to gain respect from the other captains he will prob step in when they are in grave danger that's my take on this


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