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[Black Clover] Episode 24 impressions

Episode 24

Petite Clover is my favourite part of most episodes, I love it

predictable as soon as he told her to blow out the candles, but fun nonetheless :)

Gotta wonder why they just relocated the Magic Knights into an empty plain far away instead of dumping them into the middle of the ocean or an active volcano or the outer space or something.
And lol@Yuno dodging and deflecting everything with ease at first, and then just floating slowly in a straight line and tanking every curse bullet.

I really like how they kept Yuno's thoughts about how the wind spirit is pretty much a deus ex machina, how it chose him for no clear reason. It's good lampshading and awareness of cliches.
The Vermillions are as good as they are in the manga. Noelle saluting was especially good, Fugeloen is too inspirational.
Watch till the end, the little chibi sequence is especially good this week.
Narrator sensei hurts the show. He explains things that are dead obvious.

Er, to be fair, how the hell would anyone realize what's happening if the narrator didn't jump in? A random attack by Yuno with his spirit out in front of him doing the attack, people would go "What the f*** just happened? How did he summon the spirit? Wasn't Yuno's senses obliterated? This is nothing but deus ex machina crap." etc.
So, with the narrator taking over for a few seconds, it allowed the viewer to understand better of what was going on. Since his senses were shut off, his sense of mana detecting was heightened to a larger degree where he could see Sylph's signs that she was leaving for him. Trust me, not everyone is as aware as you and I when it comes to this stuff. I read comments and watch reactors all the time and they get confused over the most simplest things in this anime.

One page in his Grimoir? I guess its a very strong spell then since more magic in just the 1 page?

It's less that it's a strong spell in the damaging sense and that it's strong in the versatility sense. So long as Rades can use the spell any corpse can become his puppet, from the weak grunts we say to the stronger numbers like Jimmy.
Also if you remember back with Noelle in the Village and with Yuno this week we learned when you get pushed agaisnt the wall or have a powerful new experience you can learn a new spell, filling up your book's blank pages.
Rades has no pages to fill, indicating that he's known forever that there is a cap to his strength. Although it's a little unclear if your Grimoire can just "Grow" new pages in response to the stressors.
Part of the idea of Rades, at least in my interpretation, is that he's similar to Shinsou from My Hero Academia, a person given a power so evil that even if he wanted to be a good person it would be hard given the inherent evil in his magic. Like Rades said the reason he got kicked out was because his magic was too evil, too morally wrong. He didn't choose to have a spell like that, it was all he was given.

This is where Asta's better morally. He doesn't hide behind bluffs and he doesn't pretend he has things he doesn't. For a guy who has only one spell, Rades has a powerful one which has clearly served him fine up till now, so he could have kept some respect if he hadn't overreacted in embarrassment.

God I loved how Yuno right away understood her weakness - age.
If you look at the preview she looks really old as well, so I guess she is doing the classic sucking young girls of their youth,
Overall she was a very cliche but entertaining bad witch lady with the over the top flirtatious with all hot young men while draining girls as she hates that they are prettier than her.
Guessing someone else did the spatial magic, looks like the traitor from Golden Dawn is gonna kill of the best captain!!! Fuegoreon Vermillion!!!
(which is likely the captain of golden dawn, come on he even looks like Griffith)

He wasn't really calling her "Old Hag" though, he's not that ill mannered. "Oba-san" just mean "old lady" or "grandmother", doesn't it? :)

it means aunt or eldery lady.
But its kinda how you say it in context. In Japanese naming like that is very interesting because its a big difference saying like ba-san,baba, oba, oba-chan etc.
Preferably I would assume she would like to be called Onee-chan as in young lady (not sister)
For her its ill mannered as she is obsessed with youth, so being addressed as an "aunt" is insulting as see shes herself as someone in their young 20s.

I really want to like this show and i thought it was really good in the start but the animation quality is killing me when it's like this. There's no impact to their spells or anything, everything just happens and doesn't look/feel good.

I see people complain about this shows animation but it doesn't really bother me. The thing that I don't like about this show is how lackluster it feels, maybe it's music or just the storytelling but it feels like it's empty. Shame tbh because the show is actually interesting.

Animation still seems quite weird imo. Loving the arc though.

Meh, weak episode, but seeing Yuzo using that magic was epic.


Well, at the very least, it was a step up after the last 2 episodes of pure garbage animation. I was so ready to drop this after the horridness of episodes 22 and 23.
The worst of it this week was Yuno getting hit by those purple magic bullets. That shyt looked so weak as if balloons were popping on him.

I don't know why I thought this shit was so funny, I replayed the scene like 5 times.
Glad the animation looked better, the narrator was kind of weird there but after watching HxH and having a guy narrate for 10 minutes about a scene that lasted a minute I got used to it.

I'm starting to miss asta shouting now

Dont you fucking dare!

I like it for the means. YUUUUUNOOOOOOOOOOO

Pretty cool to see Yuno turn that fight around and use the fairy again.


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