Wednesday, March 14, 2018

[Black Clover] Episode 23 impressions

Episode 23
"The Crimson Lion King"

Was it just me or was this episode especially badly animated and shot? It felt really amateurish quite often. Takes away all the tension and urgency from the manga.
But it had memes I guess. That's...something.

I came here specially for this. Compared to the first episodes, and his first fight, the Animation is beyond abysmal, the sound defects are amateur level, the drawings, especially Asta's swords are a joke, the king scene feels strange having a shot at his feet while he speaks, an obvious trick to not animate his face...
What the hell is going on in this anime, especially in a place where they should be animating it and making a better job, it feels like they are sabotaging their own work...
Am I the only one that notices this?

The same as any mainstream shonen anime.
You dont need good productions values to sell. Look at Naruto/DB/Bleach/Fairy Tail. So, they start to cut corners.

This is called the "pierrot special" where they have the budget of a 12 episode series but still decide to do 50 episodes.

Budget has nothing to do with such things. Stop spreading this stupid argument, please.

The last 3 episodes has been the shittiest zombie flick i've ever seen, which somehow manage to include the cheesiest shounen bad guy ever.

This episode animation quality was pretty bad.
but the salt bae reference made it all worth it

I like how op are the squad captains atm. It makes me wounder how Asta will deal with power ups to become as strong as them.
Also i must say that the Sol (the sister of that woman captian) is getting more annoying and boring than Asta screams at the beggining of the series .

They seriously are just lazy writers, almost every character has this one catch phrase and archetype that they repeat every single time they have screen time and it is seriously the worst case I have seen in any anime. There are so many things in this anime that just bring the quality of it down substantially for no reason at all.

It's so annoying because in the manga there's very little of this so there's literally no reason to do it.

Remember guys. The production team is understaffed and over worked. Sure it might not be that great but at least theyre trying.
Captain Fuegolion is OP.

Yep. I place blame on any shortfalls on the studio big wigs who dictate finances.
Hire more people, and attract more people with better pay. This is a very popular series, you can afford to loosen your purse strings for this series.
If it were a SoL, or a not as well known series, I could understand being hesitant on funding it.

a whole episode and all we got was a bridge from one Cliffhanger to another. up until the last couple episodes i gave the constant outsourcing a break but its just getting moire and more distracting. getting close to dropping this show, i've given it more than a fair chance.

Did the animation for this episode look poor compared to the other episodes or is it just me?
Also I liked that the captain apologized for interrupting Asta’s fight and admitting he regrets passing on Asta.

Yeah, at times it looked pretty poor. Mainly a product of the utterly catastrophic schedule the staff have been subjected to. It's probably only going to get more inconsistent and i can't help but feel bad for the animators.

ok Clearly Fuegoreon Vermillion should have been their captain. This guy can do some motivation speeches and keeps teaching them during battles.
Like what is Yami doing --- hes the random annoying captain...
I mean sure I get that Yami is supposed to the leader of the crazy squad so of course hes is not gonna be a very good teacher in the traditional sense, but hes never so far tried to teach Noelle or Asta anything right, Seeing this guy really makes me wanna see Yami teach them stuff as well in his own way.
Gotta love that food crazy senpai meets crazy chef.
I wish that Noelle and Leo would at least try to damage that mud zombie.
And of course as we all expected it ends with a cliffhanger new evil Lady appearing of course Rades was not acting alone.

Yami isn't the problem the problem is how they make a majority of the characters personality boil down to one catch phrase. They then force that character to say and act out their one catch phrase every single time they are on screen and it is really annoying. It goes way beyond a running gag and is just extraordinarily lazy and wasteful screen time.

That is not the same thing.
There is a huge issue with the anime filling out time reusing the same joke, looping it over and over again which makes their 1 dimensional quirkiness super unbearable.
The issue I am talking about with Yami is that he is supposed to be this lazy ass crazy fighter captain - i.e Kenpachi (clearly Kenpachi) That does not mean he could not teach them stuff in is own brutal way, but he does not. He just does nothing.

Ok they're just gonna show the king's face huh? In the manga that guy didn't show up till chapter 107, aptly titled The King of Clover Kingdom!

What face? i only saw a 20 years shot of his and the women's feet next to him... witch was seriously bad, they could have had better shot angles to make a bloody king look like a bloody king, good or bad... and no need for animation too, just a small series of the room he is in....

They showed his face at 3:27 and 19:34

Ah. The budget went into petite clover this week. Im fine with that


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