Thursday, March 8, 2018

[Black Clover] Episode 22 impressions

Episode 22
"Wild Magic Dance"

It feels like most of these characters just say one line and their entire personality is that one joke

Every scene at the black bulls base:
"Hey wanna fight?"
"mmm food"
"That's what makes you a man!"
"btw have you seen my sister?"

Leo and Fuego are really just great characters. I love them in the manga and I love them here too!
Now that we're done with the other Knights showing of their powers the following episodes should be full of hype! Especially since the next episode is named after Fuego's nickname.

Let me just say that Bakasta is probably the best nickname in the history of all anime nicknames.

no, stupidASTA

Subs would've been better if they used Dumbassta instead.

Yeah Dumbassta would work. Missed opportunity

The two fire mages seem to be the most likeable outside of the usual groups, and I hope it stays that way. Sis has pretty cool vine magic, and pretty interesting character to me. Glass-dude just wants to eat, and how elegant the way it was the way he killed them.
Also, don't create a scary gigantic monster and then call him Jimmy.

He gives stupid names because the zombies are his friends

The only thing i really felt out of place was how the blocking of the jimmy shots was animated, just a white line with a purple blob after.
Some other moments also just appeared like a slideshow of a couple frames on repeat.
And yes im aware of the understaffing but its becoming worse and worse (but i still enjoyed the episode though)

I feel you. Like it doesn't really take away from my enjoyment that much, because I know what to expect, but I do get a kick out of how dumb it looks so times, but a lot has to do with I get my enjoyment from the fact that the characters are all lovably stupid, so I don't take it too serious. That and I've read the manga, so I know where the important scenes are anyways.

Animation was just plain lazy for the most part of the episode.
4 and a half minutes of Intro, Recap and Opening before anything new happens, yawn.
Thought the show had a big improvement at the dungeon arc, now it's back to the same Meh/OK quality.

Well, it's probably will always be like that. Overhyped episodes with best animation rest will be mediocre.

If all children get their Grimoires at like 10 or 12, why do none of the townsfolk use magic to protect themselves? Since they are living in the royal capital they should have some magic right?

My guess is they never trained with their magic for practical combat purposes, and that only people who want to be Knights do. Also there's probably people whose magic simply has no combat applications. It seems like people learn or unlock spells kind of randomly, rather than learning or developing them.

Also, the soldiers themselves are all generic ,faceless people with hoods with no distinguishable features. How could a situation happen like this? Um, why not you actually do something and fight, or is the entire nations military non-existent.

The manga touched on this. #1 is Mana reserves. Most people simply do not have enough Mana to do much more than simple chores with their magic. #2 is magic type. Not everyone gets something useful in a fight.
You become a magic knight when your Mana reserves and magic type are suitable for combat. Everyone else may as well be regular people for all the more their magic will help them.

Being weak is nothing to be ashamed of. However, staying weak is."
Seriously love this quote so much

Felt like the budget for this episode all went into the final couple minutes. I was unimpressed up until Asta did his whirlwind sword attack.

Rejoice, the director for the anime just confirmed that one of his buddies that was working on Fate Apocrypha will be joining the animation team. So looks like we’ll be getting better quality animation in the future.

This series really doesn't deserve all the hate that it's been getting here, heck it might be bad but it ain't the worst anime airing currently as was the case in the recent poll conducted here. Yea, it uses lots of reused scenes, and it is cliche as fuck, but that automatically doesn't make it the worst. I mean, how can it be worse than Ito junji collection?! That shit is so bad, and this ain't anywhere near as bad as it...rant aside, this was a decent episode, the next episode should be good

I feel this series is pretty decent, there aren't that many anime airing right now so I really appreciate most that aren't complete shit. The story is ok as it progresses. I feel people are far too critical, every tiny detail needs to be nagged about. I like the art and it's following the manga quite well so I'm fine with it.


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