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[Beatless] Episode 9 imporessions

Episode 9
"My Whereabouts"

Seriously though I'd love if the public found out that that Shiori is a an hIE. I'd love to see how they'll handle a scandal like that! We haven't even gotten past the halfway point of this anime so I really hope that kind of plotline makes it into the story.

Surprisingly decent episode. So episodes with more hIEs and their superior intelligence are better.
and Kouka is back!

Let us praise best girl

The moment she appeared i knew this episode was going to be awesome.

I knew that there was some sort of loophole in Methode's contract, and it would involve trying to kill off Shiori. I think Kengo knew that there was some sort of loophole, which is why he didn't enter a contract with Kouka, aside from his hatred of hIEs.
Sadness for that. She's best girl. Oh well, more for me!
Well, Methode is right about one thing: Humans may think that they have everything under control, but can easily be swayed by the right words and, in turn, make some of the dumbest decisions that could cost them or others their lives. Shiori was no different, as the catalyst for her to make the contract was Lacia and Arato getting closer to each other. That's emotions for you: one of the most, if not the most dangerous Double-Edge Sword to ever exist.
Next ep is a recap, again. So are we doing recaps every 5 eps to fill in the 2-cour count? Sounds a bit lazy, but then again this does only have one volume, not counting the mangas, with one going up to the terrorist attack and the other a spinoff.

It's pretty well known that a HIE as shrewd as methode was scheming something from the start, I wonder where all 5 of the lacia class go from here thou.
Also I saw from somewhere that the intermissions are not part of the 24 eps

Yuka sums up this show pretty well.
Jokes aside, it was pretty interesting to find that Methode was able to replace Shiori and attempt to kill her. And we got to see everyone's favorite cowgirl again!
I wonder whether or not Arato actually ended up calling Ryo, and how Dr. Arato's experiment will end up. Too bad we'll have to wait an extra week to find out.

This episode makes me glad I'm still watching Beatless. Confirmation that the Red Box Hie are indeed superintelligences, lots of explosions, and a proper showdown with Methode!
Also what's up with Lacia getting her black monolith delivered everywhere by car? There's no way it could kept up with the train right? Did she predict the whole scenario and have it set off before them?
Lacia seems to only seems get more suspicious as time gets on...

I feel like Lacia predicts or accounts for 95% of the shit that goes down in this anime and is just playing Arato (and the rest of the cast) like a fiddle.
I think this will end with a big reveal by Methode when one of her plans gets magically foiled by Arato and Lacia and she pieces it all together. And then we can have a "touching" moment when Arato figures out he has been played but still loves Lacia and she "loves him too" despite not having emotions.
Rolls the credits while playing the ED music

I mean methode explained the entire situation to shiori loud and clear, Lacia has alr hacked the entire cloud system and only decided to give her a head start because Lacia alr predicted the entire set of events ahead of time. That's y she was able to bring her black monolith with her. But no human could have ever foresaw that l.
As for now thou nobody knows whether Lacia's intentions are good or bad, but we do know that all 4 of the lacia class have the intention on doing anything to survive

I got massively trolled during the epissode at 12:31, I was really into the music and was waiting for that drop, i have the biggest musical blue balls right now...
Also really nice episode, Lacia and the others HiEs are playing their owners like a violin.

Notice Lacia's reaction when Arato went to do the thing, yet she wanted him to move to a safe location.
Might be wrong but he could have been analog hacked by Lacia the whole time and this was the first time when he did something out of his own will.

Yeah, i am really suspicious of Lacia at the moment.

Hmmm.... I wonder if they kept the Shiori hIE for purposes... Ahrem twins things...

I'll add this to the list of things we should not wait 50 years for once we get intelligent AI.

WAIT.. is the next episode a recap again?

That was a truly awesome episode. I guess Methode plan failed uh? And how come this series has already 2 recaps already? Are there more coming or is their MAL page accurate by showing only two?

Back before the first intermission happened they announced the two recaps and their dates on Twitter, so there shouldn't be any more than that.
Then again, if they only announce one cour's worth at a time, there could be.

Finally a decent episode! Seems to have a "Slow Start" like Toji no Miko this season.

I thought Katana Maidens picked up the pace way sooner than Beatless did. Hell, I'd even say Darling in the Franxx had a slower start than Katana Maidens, but not as slow as Beatless.

Woah, a genuinely good episode. If they keep up the quality after next weeks recap, it might actually redeem itself.

This episode was really good compared to the last ones.
The action scenes were nicely animated and the robot girls just keep getting better.


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