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[Beatless] Episode 8 impressions


Episode 8
"Awakening of Sleeping Beauty"


This show is actually making me question Lacia's motives and Arato's actions as this show's protagonists. With Kengo's arc it was pretty clear who was in the wrong but this time the other side clearly has a point. Hmm....

Many seem to really dislike Arato so far. Am I the only one who think it is normal for MC to act thos way. I feel that he is contradicting with himself right now. I can relate to this and I have gone to meet psychiatrist to fix this in my case.
In this ep, MC clearly dont want to involve himself and dont even want to know about it, (may be he think something better leave not known) he also dont want to be the wrong one but he dont know that his decision is his own or just something Lacia influences him, so he dont know what to do (Analog hack - you have to believe in this word that it really affect in the story, or we cannot debate anything further)
In this story, IMO Analog hack- is believed to not be his own decision, just be manipulated - can any one confirm it for me

I'm not sure I completely understood their plans though. Do you know to what end they want to get Lacia back ?

They’re probably going to sabotage the hIE with the same serial number and make it harm another human. And since Arato is technically her owner they’ll have him take responsibility.

It was pretty hilarious to see a group of kids suddenly going into deep concepts of putting emotion into what isn't human with 2 clueless normal girls sitting there politely smiling it away.
Seems the show is starting to pick up. It was pretty weak so far, not to mention slow, but it has promising ideas and occasionally shows them off. Hope to see it develop into a better direction soon.

This isn't just any mug with a hello kitty image on it, it's a representation of humanity.

Isn't that what Killing Bites is?
Out of all the things that stuck out to me this episode, I can't get over the way they pronounced "marriage".

The one with the sharpest hair spikes wins ?
The pronunciation of "Marriage" was based on French, I think. Not sure because the r sound is different, but that's not surprising.

I tried putting it in google translate and it seems like it's just how you pronounce the word in Japanese. Which is kinda funny since they've been doing proper English pronunciation for all of the titles and stuff.

I nearly burst out laughing when Arato made the realization that Lacia chose him for his dull mind and naivete. He's still not the brightest bulb, but acknowledging your flaws is half the battle.

I guess if you're naive like Arato you would be naive of naivety!

I'm actually not sure what side I'm on... While it might seem that Shiori and the corporation are trying to "steal Lacia from Arato", they do have a point.
Lacia is just a robot. We don't know what her objectives are. She may very well be playing with Arato's emotions to get to whatever goal she has (or even just protect herself).

Yeah, all the other redbox Hie seem to be trying various kinds of manipulation to embed and protect themselves within human society.
It would be strange if Lacia wasn't trying to do the same thing.

To be honest I'm just glad to be able to see the episode on Friday and not 5 days after that.

Yo this show is actually starting to dull the idea that Arato is the good guy here.
This looks like things might get interesting.

This anime has an interesting concept, themes and the designs are cool, not to mention that the production quality is pretty good.
But it's just dissapointing that the MC is a retarded boring idiot. All the other characters have their own interesting motives and are actively moving the story, while the MC just sits around without even trying to get more information about Lacia, the companies and big people who made her, other potential owners and what is the better way to at least get a safe position.
This anime makes me want to delete the MC, just like Sieg from Apocrypha, but at least Sieg wasn't that dumb and passive.

Finally the set up has ended and the show is starting to pick up the pace. I think it was a nice episode overall, and finally the MC is getting what he should had gotten since a couple of episodes ago. Lacia isn't honest with him and is clearly using him for whatever.
Either way, I'm actually starting to like the Shiori-Methode combo, especially since they have a point. Other than that, I'm just happy to see that next episode we are going to have Kouka again! :)

yeah it was really slow paced for the first 6 eps but since its a 2 cour anime i kinda knew it would pick up pace eventually

Yeah! Kouka will appear in the next Episode :)

Yeah I for one am kind of curious to see where kouka stand cause in the preview we saw kouka fighting methode, I'm wondering if it's because she came to terms lacia or is she fighting for her own purpose. Damn it of only they never discontinued the light novel translation I could have had more information on wats to come


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