Sunday, March 4, 2018

[Beatless] Episode 7 impressions

Episode 7
"Boy meets Pornography"

Spoiler alert. Theres actually no pornography in this episode.

At least we know that Lacia has those 18+ functions available (though the owner has to be 18+,which is impossible with most LN protagonists, damn...)

The doujins will sort that issue out

Today on Beatless:
Boy meets girl or: how to kill japan birth rate once and for all

I hate how there are flashes of what could be a great show underneath the absolutely blank slate MC and his boring non-adventures. Every single side character is more interesting.

Rip Shiori's hopes and dreams, Arato has been successfully sexually analog hacked (even if he got cockblocked by age restrictions).

Yuka's still my favorite character. I love how she wore a takoyaki pin to go eating takoyaki.
Her smile and happiness : gone.

Literally my favorite character

All romance between these characters is pointless because she's ultimately a robot that just follows set functions and gives favourable responses to everything; scenes like this and when she has to get permission to fight make that clearer. I find myself agreeing with Arato's friends that Arato is deluded.

May I be the first in this thread to say: "What the fuck is happening?"

May I be the second to ask "What the fuck is happening"?


Damn it

I really don't get the writing, how did we go from terrorist attacks to modelling and why are we modelling again?

We got terrorist attacks while modeling

So far the show is kind of a mess, some good parts here and there, it has potential.
The atmosphere gives me vibes like Ghost in the Shell, moral questions of where do you draw the line between humans and "machines" and such.
Gonna keep watching though and see how/if it develops
Edit: Also because Lacia is smoking hot.

So are Kouka and Methole imo

Lacia offering herself to Arato for his 18th sweet

This one was funny lol but it kinda made me think where we should draw the line between machine or not?

I'd be interested in the show exploring more about the implications of female robots displacing women in society, and vice versa. If you can buy a robotic partner of the opposite sex that has more desirable attributes than the vast majority of human partners, what direction does society go in? Are humans then reduced to being little more than baby-making fodder? What if the technology to create artificial gametes exists? That subject has the potential for a lot of interesting stories and exploration.


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