Friday, February 23, 2018

[Yuru Camp△] Episode 8 impressions

Episode 8
"Exams,Caribou,Steamed Buns,Yum!"

Hair down Rin is a miracle of life.

Looks like Saito is finally joining them for camping, I can't wait.

The scenes between Aki and Aoi at the beginning also reminded me that I really want this show's soundtrack. Does an exceedingly good job at accentuating the goofiness and comfiness.

I got pretty surprised when she mentioned a boyfriend. Thankfully it was all a joke.

Thursday is the most comfy time of the week for me. Every time I watch this I’m in bed, with some snacks alongside a hot chocolate and of course a smile that lasts the entire episode. Although I tend to miss most of the discussion since I only watch it a couple of hours later before getting some sleep. But seriously this show is the highlight of my week and probably AOTS, with Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho coming a close second.

Great episode as Always. Looking forward to the next one.

Inuyama's accent is so cute, especially when she burned herself.

She uses Kansai-ben but not sure where the accent is from, maybe Kyoto?

I think it's mentioned in the manga that she's from Gifu.

This was a really nice episode, really showed how good friends Aoi, Chiaki, and Nadeshiko are. Looks like we're finally gonna get more Ena as well, which is good.

I love the end cards in yuru Camp. No need for fancy artists pulling out a masterpiece with different artsyle every time. Just a simple, cute and relevant to the episode card with extra info/advice about camping.

I frigging love the dynamic between Chiaki and Aoi. It feels very genuine and natural and you can totally see that they're old friends. I especially love that Aoi is clearly used to Chiaki's dumb antics and knows how to handle her.

This show loves its dogs. So many puppies!
And now I want steamed buns... Wonder if I can make those at home.


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