Wednesday, February 28, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 8 impressions [Weakling Pedal]

Episode 8
"Secound Day,Start!!"

"Sohoku is a team that helps each other"
get your shit together Teshima

I think he dosent show it but he is extreamly upset. Just think about what does he feel. He know that they are weaker then Hakone so they have to outsmart them. What have they done so far? Kaburagi and Aoyagi's 1st day teamwork was garbage. With proper teamwork they should have won 1v2 easily.Onoda gets stuck in the 1st day like a complete noob. That costed them the mountain tag. Then Imaizumi basically helped Hakone won the 1st day by pulling the Hakone duo up to Kimosuji and Naruko. Then now Kabu is not able to say " hey I am in trouble help me". And Aoyagi is willing to help rescuing this moron. If I were Teshima I would be on the verge of mental breakdown due to my teammates's stupidity

Well, Teshima could have warned Onoda, Teshima could have anticipated Issa issues, Koga even warned him. So its kinda like Teshima has to blame himself over his teammates´s stupdiity.

Onoda started this sport approx 1,5 years ago , he is not a newbie anymore

Watch the episode again if you dont remember to details. They chekd Kabu multiple times.
Teshima is not a baby-sitter btw

Don't let Kaburagi being an arrogant idiot distract you from the fact that we all know Kuroda will be riding perfectly fine by day three, smh

Yeah, if we don't see him failing in day 2 or 3, I am going to be so mad.

He'll most probably just stay with the group and won't be able to assist ashikiba much

Day 2 Predictions: Midousuji's team will win day 2. Teshima will blame himself 'cause the plan failed and he chose to leave Kabu behind. Onoda cannot ride his usual way because the team is incomplete. Aoyagi will help and power up Kaburagi through God's notes. They will try to finish 1st but too late and Midousuji will surprise everyone with his 'gross' plan. Everything just to hype and make Sohoku an even more underdog for the third day.

kaburagi is just useless, after seeing what happend in this episode im even more angry that this kid got chosen over koga or sugimoto. he is too proud to ask his team to slow down a bit but asks his rival from hakone to let him ride with them. and just before that he said he secretly was aiming to be the one standing on the podium as number one. what a joke. i just really hope it will be one of the second years or teshima who finish the race as number 1 .



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