Friday, February 23, 2018

[Violet Evergarden] Episode 7 "「  」" impression

Episode 7
 "「  」"

It reminds me of Ghibli films. Very orchestral and grand.

I think it might have the best soundtracks of any anime I've ever watched. They're all so on point.

The disease was bit different from the novel.
I guess the production staff want it to be more relatable.

What was the disease in the novel?

Though the disease wasn't named, it was described, "Its name was too lengthy, to the point one would give up trying to pronounce it. Simply put, it was the rapid clotting of blood vessels and death by clogging. Moreover, it was hereditary, and his wife had inherited it from her father. "
That was disease that afflicted the mother. And then a bit later on, it says that his daughter experiences the same disease and dies.

die of dehydration

The lake scene might just be the most beautiful scene I've ever witnessed in a TV Anime. Absolutely wonderful.

I wasn't to into the lack of payoff from the episode 5 cliffhanger when episode 6 aired, but this episode has changed my mind on that completely. Had we seen the confrontation between Violet & the Major's Brother, I don't think this episode would've been nearly as good. This is of course combined with Violet's gradual character development, and the impressive levels of foreshadowing we've had so far, all combining to make a fantastic episode. As it is, this is perhaps now one of my favourite episodes of anime ever, the second half killed me about 20 times.

this episode don't have end title,it's just a blank.

Just like where my heart used to be before it got crushed by this episode

I don't know how they do it but I fall in love with Violet Evergarden every week. Fucking protect this beautiful, fragile soul.
There's this heartbreaking contrast between Violet making other people who are suffering happy and her own struggle and sudden realisation that the person she holds most dear in her life is most likely dead. This episode got me good

watching Violet breakdown like that is just hurt man..

My entire soul died during this episode.


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