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[Toji no Miko] Episode 8 "Day of Disaster" impressions

Episode 8
"Day of Disaster" impressions

I needed some information. I was surprised more backstory-narrative wasn't used, but I'm still happy about this episode. Some of the technique-dumping was a little vanilla but it had a lot of character - like Kanami's refreshing attitude as a protagonist (not telling about her mother for the simple reason she hadn't asked, the quick retort of "I didn't say that" in the sleeping scene etc), or Ellen's accent stealing the show. There wasn't nearly enough cute shipping moments this episode to placate me but that's low-key because I'm drunk on Mai/Sayaka

Seeing all the headteachers when they were younger was a real treat. They've all grown up, but one in particular has maybe just grown the wrong way...
I'm really into this world so please tell me more about it like in this episode! While the next episode is a festival episode, I'm expecting it to have a unique twist around world-building, so I am defo looking forward to it.

One of the most underrated series of the season.
This episode gave a lot of backstory without feeling rushed and things are coming together.

When did this become one of the anime i look forward to the most every week??? That 6.27 MAL score is just criminal!
Also not surprising that fangirl grew up to be crazy x)

Toji no Miko is far from the most polished show this season, but I'm having fun. Which is more than I can say with a lot of series.
It takes itself just seriously enough to give you a real sense of impending danger and plot progression, while not descending into 2edgy4me territory. Also, Kanami is surprisingly sharp for someone who appears to be a generic cookie-cutter MC at first glance.
The fact that we're only 1/3 of the way through just makes it better.

The story arc is good, at least interesting and catching.
It's just that the story telling lacks some polishment (or resource), this shortcoming is really obvious when compared with certain other shows with WTF level graphic or story telling skills.

Wouldn't say it's my favorite since this season has pop team epic, but true, 6.27 is low, I feel it deserves a 7 to 8.
Should go up a bit once it's over I think, there must be a lot of people like me, who only gives out score when it's over.

I'm curious what we'll get in the end, it's the first time I expect a significant change in score for a two-cour show.
Also, it's not only the score that has been given - it's also a bit sad to see the lack of popularity. I remember that a lot of people dropped after the first episode... What happened to their 3 episodes rule ?
Ho well. At least the few people still watching are enjoying it !

I don't blame them, since there has been some shows I dropped after episode one or two, because the reasons I had for watching them were flimsy from the beginning, like Slow Start and TwoCar last season.
Toji no Miko however, I liked the idea and plowed through.

Solid episode that explained most of the questions i had since the start.
Looks like Kanami and Hiyori are bound together by fate!

Since it's confirmed that Kanami has been receiving instruction from her mother while sleeping, makes me wonder if Hiyori is receiving instruction from her mother too.

Hmm... Something isn't right with the story of what happened. Is it really as clear cut as they put it? it would be a little disappointing if it turns out like that, I mean, they weren't there, but hey, it may very well be what happened. If this is the case, I only hope that they execute the story well enough.

So they both sacrificed part of their life to the Netherworld in order to push the Great Aradama back... I wonder if Minato's soul being "trapped" in Chidori is related to that ? Since the okatanas are the connection to the Netherworld itself.

I definitely feel like this is a very well written show (and underappreciated). Yukari not doing anything at the beginning could've been the cliche "boss villain just holding the story back till the finale" but in this show it comes around like a puzzle piece and explains how Yukari was waiting for the big payoff. I love how the show is progressing.

This gets more interesting each week. I'm guessing all that noro is gonna be used to restore the body of the giant aradama and the S gear is a way of efficiently gathering it while keeping a low profile.

The amount of time they got to talk at the beginning without coming under fire felt slightly weird.
Ghost Minato's cute. (Behaviorally.)

Damn, that infodump. It was a good infodump actually, they kept it interesting.
Seeing that flashback was pretty neat, if slightly confusing at first.

That massive aradama reminds me a lot of Lost planet 2's last boss. What they will need to do once it pops back up again, is to get their S-gears and drop an orbital laser cannon on it.

Here we get some really juicy backstory and finally learn about the girl from the dreams. It was honestly a bit sweet to find out that it was her mom that she keeps seeing in her dreams.

This show is just going to keep getting better, isn't it? I'm really glad we're getting 2 cours of this.


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