Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Takunomi.] Episode 7 "Coffee Rum" impressions

Episode 7
”Coffee Rum”

I like Makoto, but I think she's a bit flat in personality. She's just a cute girl, period. Having Makoto & Michiru alone. It's like eating too many pastries or sweets, the taste buds become numb to too much sugar after a little while.
IMHO, I think Makoto scenes works a lot better with Nao or even Kae, or in a whole group, but not just with Michiru.
Not enough time on of our favorite boozehound on this episode.

She must end each episode drunk though... So to cut it short she was already drunk when she went home.

I've rarely seen working in a coffee shop called "cool". You're such a positive person, Michiru!
My favorite kind of booze
Funny how different personal experience is expected to be between Japan and where I live. She's implying dealing with soda carefully is something you'd learn in a job, not just in daily life.

Aren't they more used to consuming bottled tea? That's the staple drink I've seen offered whenever someone in anime has people over at home. Doesn't sound too far fetched that a country girl hasn't really handled soda bottles before in this case.

No better working smile than the smug cat face.

Wait arent you supposed to force a smile if working at customer service. Or is it different in Japan. Just when I thought they forgot about best grill Nao, she shows up at the end of the episode. Dreams do come true!

But there's also the extra service of asking for something as small as a coffee served with a smile (sumairu kudasai)

Yeah, but it's not supposed to look forced, otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose.

Time to get some coffee rum and try these recipes! Next up whiskey!

Oh man I can't wait for next episode. Suntory Whisky! My favourite whisky that the government liquor store has in stock right now is Suntory Toki. I expected the flavour to be very light because of the pale colour, but it's a very flavourful whisky. I still prefer the Nikka Taketsuru though, but they're out of stock for the foreseeable ever...

The Nikka gave me horrible heartburn. It's weird to, that's not normally an issue I have with alcohol (but it is with food) but this whiskey fucked my stomach up to the point where I gave the bottle away after a glass.

Don't think I've tried much coffee liqueur, tried peach, mint and chocolate but never been a huge fan of coffee. Will have to try again one day!
Not enough Kae again :(

Man, I gotta say: I really love the OP and ED for this anime. Both super cute and catchy! This anime has slowly been getting better since the first couple episodes and I'm loving the characters.


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