Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Slow Start] Episode 8 "Hana's Friends" impressions

Episode 8
"Hana's Friends"

A nice episode but just after last week's it just feels lacking a bit. Still fun though and was nice to see Hana break out of her shell more

Kamu knows the secret!

That news makes Tama really happy.

Easily the funniest part. That smile Kamu killed me.

This last 2 episodes has really improved the show for me. Hana is staring to get more development, getting over her shyness and making new friends.
I like how the show didn't ran out of designs and still gave them somewhat unique personalities to all of them. Though I knew from visiting the website, I don't remember a show putting so much attention to background characters since K-On and Sansha Sanyou.
And of course, all the swimsuits look so good. I also don't remember the last time I praised swimsuits but all of them look and fit very well in their choices.

Eiko is still climbing up the ranks of being one of the most dangerous women in anime, is there no girl that's under her spell. Though it was fun to meet more of Eiko's harem the class, I hope we'll see more of them.
I feel the steam is definitely rising in the Shion x Hannen ship, their little scene was so cute. As was Shion in an apron.
I technical detail I've been liking is in the sound of the girls moving, particularly the sound of their bags. As a few times you can hear the contents bouncing around inside, especially with Tama's penguin backpack. Also I think that's the first time I've seen black school bags, usually they're blue.

As we have learned last week tho, Eiko has a very glaring weakness, towards the true most dangerous woman in anime, her teacher.

So many people like Eiko. Who can blame them though? I think I also had a crush on her since last week.

They don't necessarily like Eiko, Eiko simply dominates and conquers them. Don't underestimate best girl.

If I was an anime girl, I wanna be Eiko!

That was super wholesome. It was nice to see Hana determined to overcome her shyness. It's one of the hardest things to so as a person.
Eiko is still incredible. She's a very dangerous woman.

 love the opening song to this anime. Eiko bending over as the camera pans around, Tamate doing her airplane impersonation, Hana getting whacked in the head by the camera and of course the whole ii ne! ne! ne! chorus thing.

Can anyone tell me why Sachi grabbed Tama and ran away?

Tama brought Sachi and Kei to the place so it seemed to me that Sachi had held Tama responsible for the awkward situation.

Takahashi is almost as stacked as Shion ...
Decently funny episode, some stitches of Eiko's swimsuit.

It seems the horticulture club really taught her how to grow things.

That was a rather slow episode... I thought that Hana might join the Horticulture Club in the end. That would certainly help with her character development.

Great episode. Hana really trying her best which is amazing. She's so kawaii. That scene with the three of them and eiko was hilarious. That scene with kamu was hilarious that smile.

Cute as always, I see Kamu has a contender for best girl now in Maho. I’m really glad they introduced some classmates and that they’re all so unique and cute as well.

Hana got some help from her friends to finally talk with her classmates, seeing her taking the initiative to say good morning to one of them the next day made me smile so hard.
While Kamuri is the character I like the least from the main cast, I have to admit that I like her more after that smile, she had everything planned there.

This show is actually a harem and Eiko is the main character


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