Tuesday, February 27, 2018

[Ryuuou no Oshigoto] Episode 8 impressions [The Ryuo's Work]

Episode 8
"First Tournament"

Half of this episode in a nutshell

And the other half

I love pouting faced tsunderes.

You're not wrong. Has the LN covered this episode?
The English translated LN? No, I think it's going 3 eps per LN, and only the first 2 have come out in English.

The shogi world is lit!

They brought in 3mil viewers, most of them probably didn't care about the shogi.
Also I bet the premium subs skyrocketed too lul.

Premium on nico nico gets you premium to everything, not just the channel/user you're watching.

The Ginko dress scene in the light novel
I dunno, I think I like the LN eyes a touch better. She has that almost frightened small animal look around them.
The LN is a lot better. The anime version is lacking a lot of details. Probably needed to simplify the design since it has to move.
Ginko isn't Yaichi's sister. It was explained in the first episode that Yaichi calls her "Sis" because they are registered as a part of a shogi family like Blue and Red Ai.
anime eyes are looking directly at the viewer which makes them seem more defiant, LN eyes are slightly off-center making it seem like she's avoiding eye contact slightly.
Ginko was so cute! I hope she will seal the demon in one of the following episodes.
I'm more worried of her losing as the series doesn't seem to play really to just what would automatically make people happy. Also She is after something from him possibly to date her what she could use to unsettle Ginko by saying it to Ginko during or before the match what sounds like her MO.
Keika making a comeback was nice, glad the first loss didn’t break her too bad. Lightning pupils is a new one, I’ve seen stars before.
Her character isn't exactly my type of girl, but I think I get a newfound fetish in symbol pupils.
If you want more crazy pupils do I have a Shounen manga for you. Enen no Shouboutai quite a few characters have unusual pupils.
Oh, I think I've seen this one before in someone else's review. Thanks, I'll check it out when I get the opportunity!
Am I the only one here who would prefer Shakando-san over the other shogi lolis?
is she the pudi-pudi co-commentator? if so, yes.
I want some of her tasty pudding too.
I just signed up for premium. (╯°□°)╯︵ [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
I want to get premium shogi lolies too!
Somehow, the loli antics get crazier in Ryou's Work is Never Done every episode and it delivers. Char, in particular, stole the show and made me laugh the most. Now I wanna adopt my own Char as a pet disciple. This anime continues to be very engaging and fun, and I hope that momentum continues with the anime's last third coming. I want the shogi matches and loli moments to rise in tension to lengths unimaginable.
Ginko-chan, Char-chan, and Keika-chan are all getting cuter. Good on Keika with the comeback too
Does Ika want a match with Yaichi? Kinda hard to tell since the episode skip to her saying "whats your answer" to Yaichi.
someone else commented that they're speculating she wanted a date or something, which would obviously throw off Ginko during their match and give her an easy win.
That would makes sense since they describe her as the type of person to win using any method. I thought she just want to have a match with him since so think of everyone beneath her and only what to fight the strong
Great episode!!!!!!!!
Ginko was so adorable.






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