Saturday, February 24, 2018

[Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san] Episode 8 "Local Instant Noodle / Iekei" impression

Episode 8
 "Local Instant Noodle / Iekei"

Episode starts with Misa on the beach
It's only for 2 minutes
we need more Misa focused episodes
The one episode where she lost a boyfriend was really funny

Cooking the broth and noodles separately for instant ramen never occurred to me, but it makes sense. Keeps all that starch released from the cooking noodles out of the broth.
I started doing that myself recently as well. It really helps make the noodles taste fresh.

Also hilarious, Jun completely over estimating Koizumi.. That exchange was hilarious.
I think I'm agreeing with the sentiment that Yuu is better in smaller doses. This and episode 6 were both great.
Yuu is the powdered wasabi – she’s fun to get in your nose

Quantity of Misa was lacking this episode, but I feel the quality made up for it.

Give us more bishounen ramen episodes.

Well, I didn't expect that, cool guys in a CGDCT anime. Luckily it was balanced by the cold opening which was a sight for sore eyes indeed.
If you didn't notice, one of the dudes is Yuu's older brother (The one with the black hair). He was seen in an earlier episode when he sees koizumi (that's why he said that he recognized her).

Two girls in bikini. Low key beach ep...
more like beach minute
Misa Best Girl too cute in swimsuit.

rice with ramen??
the japanese never fail to impress with their innovation
I mean, I used to like pouring the soup that came with hainanese chicken rice whenever I ate out as a kid. Nice to see this is a trend worldwide.

Being someone who loves instant noodlea (yeah its a pretty unhealthy diet), I could never get the flavour right because of different circumstances like too much water or seasoning. This episode has shown me da wae. Also thoae guys were pretty fun to watch. Would love to see more of them in future episodes

This is the first episode that actually made me like Koizumi as a character. As her expressions at the end of her scene with Jun is the cutest she's ever been
Also those guys are instantly more compelling than anyone of the main cast


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