Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Pop Team Epic] Episode 8 "The Dragon of Iidabashi ~Pipi's Revenge~ " impressions

Episode 8
"The Dragon of Iidabashi ~Pipi's Revenge~ "

The entire yakuza part was a straight reference to the old cult classic "Battles Without Honor or Humanity" (Jingi Naki Tatakai). The soundtrack gives it away, and many scenes are referenced directly. For example in the original movie, the two leads drink each other's blood since they don't have sake cups, while Popuko and Pipimi share a lemon instead. The ending scene is also heavily referenced :

Thank god the episodes are short, because I have to watch each one at least 5 times to make sure I catch every single reference.

You'll get to watch it 8 times today.

Its what I love about Pop Team Epic: the referential humor and true original stuff they come up with. I liked this episode because of how creative and weird they got with it all. That first skit at the beginning made me go "what the fuck", but when it comes to Pop Team Epic, that's a good thing.

Yea, it's obviously heavily skewed into Japanese references, but I especially like how it's not just one genre or anything like that it comes from all over the place. It's not just another "Self-aware Anime Trope show" as you can see from the Yakuza reference and like two episodes ago the very timely Shogi story.

The bamboo heads in this ep's main part refer to Take (竹) in Takeshobo. The mottos you see in the background are the actual company mottos of Takeshobo.

They made a pun too with the gang name "竹生会", with "竹生" pronounced as "chikushou" (畜生), which in context pretty much means "a gang of dipshit brutes". The Bamboozled take on it was great though.

The Bamboozle gang made me laugh harder than anything else in this show, so many bamboo characters in suits was hilarious.

Also, we got Bamboozled.

i'm willing to bet that the last episode of this show is just going to be a full episode of Hoshiiro Girldrop.

I never wanted anything more than this, at this moment.

i would honestly love a hoshiiro girldrop anime, especially if it were actually animated in the style it's shown in

I'm gonna be disappointed if there isn't a seperate thread for each of the eight episodes.

I hope Crunchyroll and everyone simulcasts the whole thing.

No mention of the sand art? I'm mentioning it. The SAND Art.

Awesome. The artist, Miyo Sato did all the multimedia animation(Oil, Pencil, Sand, etc.,.) in Mob Psycho 100!!

The opening of the sand art with Popuko riding a dragon is a reference to the Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi series, a popular children's Japanese folklore show. Hanasaka Jiisan is one of the classics in the series.

Kamina voices 2nd part's Bacon-kun, Bamboozle Gang Godfather, and Francis Xavier.

That funeral portrait of Pop was the most powerful thing I've ever seen.

By the way, I think the Part B seiyuus are also Hetalia's France and Italy?

Other random characters like Bacon and Lord Calamity are voiced by the guy who did America

I too love eating bacon, Bacon.


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