Wednesday, February 28, 2018

[Osomkatsu-san 2] Episode 21 impressions [Mr.osomatsu]

Episode 21
"The Late Night Himatsuya"
"NEET Correctional Facility"

I love when we get the rare segment that is genuinely heartwarming!


Aho Girl 2.0

Matsuyo: If you're saying I play favorites, you're wrong. I love all my children equally.
[Earlier that day...]
Matsuyo: I don't care for Totty.

This was one of cutest episode, all of the skits were adorable in one way or another.
The first skit because they were all hanging out together, laughing and getting along. In the second one, all of the girl versions were cute.
The last one was so adorable, seeing how much their parents love them. Such a lovely family centric skit. Mama Matsuyo loves them so much. Plus, I /loved/ that moment with Matsuzo and Karamatsu at the end, it reinforces how alike these two are. I love knowing that they get along.

Welp, I'm never getting that banana song out of my head.

Nice banana episode
Nice family episode

That reaction about Jyuushi.
No,no,no not him, we can't subject others to that.

The first segment was so nice, rare to see them all having fun like that.

What a heartwarming episode. Makes the thought of it all ending soon that much worse ;_;


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