Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu] Episode 7 "Where the Memories Lead" impressions

Episode 7
"Where the Memories Lead"

Here's some fun foreshadowing from the first season.
In the fighting festival, when Diane was shrunk down and dressed in Elizabeth's outfit, everyone had nicknames that ban decided. Whereas Diane got to decide her name.
Diane's name in the fighting festival was "Matrona."

I knew I heard that name before but I thought maybe Matrona herself was referenced earlier. Nice one!

Gowther deserved that punch
I wasn’t too impressed by Diane’s flashback but I still enjoyed it.
Matrona has some amazing abs!

Matrona is secretly Mikasa after being giantified.
Dolores is Eren.

Why didn't Matrona summon a rock to block the arrow?
Why did Matrona jump to the 2nd spot instead of summoning another rock?
That whole backstory was beyond fucking dumb what the hell

My guess is she wanted to get heavly injured/die so that Diane finally start killing. I don't think it was a plothole since even Diane told her " Why did you took that for me i could've blocked it " Plus the bad guy said "Poisened arrows can't pierce metal skin but can still kill a giant with just a scratch"

If that was Matrona's goal she horribly failed considering even at the very end, Diane wasn't able to kill off the remaining knights.
Also, why would Diane thinking she could block the arrow (which she couldn't because even a scratch would kill her) not make Matrona's death a plothole?

They didn't show it in the anime but in the manga matrona believes that Diane has a huge potential and she's the only one worthy of succeding her, and without her the tribe will fall. And as things were going you might consider her action a desperate plan. For the arrow i'm pretty sure the bad guy said "It can't pierce metal skin" Unless if that was a miss translation.

I'm so confused, was that all in the past? Why was her memory still fading if this was before gowther fucked with her?

Yes it was on the past. She forgot everything, so want to go back to Matrona. So they show us the story from that time.
The fading on the flashback was due to King's spell during her childhood (season 1 : when King leave the forest without memories and found her while she was small)

what? so diane condition is cause by king and gowther combined? but did gowther take away their memories or look into them? kinda confuse with all this.

When Diane and Gowther fought, Gowther put a spell on her to make her slowly lose her memories. So her current condition is caused by Gowther - but we saw in her flashback that she was experiencing memory loss even back then, and that is because of King's spell when they met earlier and eventually parted.

Great episode! They adapted Diane’s backstory perfectly! Loved seeing king put the beat down on Gowther.

Muscle girls are love, muscle girls are life.


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