Monday, February 26, 2018

[Mitsuboshi Colors] Episode 8 "Museum" [impressions]

Episode 8

Thinking outside the box
When Colors found out they got one pocket tissue and just blanked was hilarious, even Yui lost it and wanted to use Pocket Tissue Attack
Nonoka's reaction to Kotoha's ultimatum was just the best.
That feeling of helplessness when kids outwit you... It's all too familiar.
That slow zoom-in and loopy background sound was perfect
Kotoha is just the best. Someone needs to make a gif of the total smackdown she laid on Satchan.
T-Rex-chan would've been an excellent addition of the team, it's a shame.
Kotoha is straight brutal.
 wished we had more of Nonoka because she is just too funny and cute. This was another good episode.
Nonoka best girl
I like how she just shrugged off the fact that she just got out-witted by a bunch of kids.
Definitely one of the funniest episodes to date, thanks to the full-on display of children's logic. Their faces at the last punchline were priceless.
It's interesting to see what happens because of the lack of adult supervision. In a regular setting, usually the parents would explain things to the kids, which would make them understand, but also stop them from having that much fun imagining things in the museum
Yui's low key brutal even though she can't play as the tsukkomi. The three don't really care about Nonoka's story, but Yui's response just made it all the more obvious.
To be fair it was the straigth man's reaction to Nonoka's story. Also that obviously fake teasing about a cute but non-recurring character !
Yui's not a bad tsukkomi IMO, it's Kotoha's input that offsets the routine. Yui just needs to improve her timing.
Regardless of all of their antics, Colors are still able to go around to the zoo and the museum for free and get a little bit of education out of their exploration for the day.
Subaru recognizing "So they're the colors" was really funny
Not sure how efficient that is, though. "This is the only one in the world." "We'll take three !"
Is the anime like.. commissioned? Awful lot of RL backgrounds and locations.
Probably, by Ueno city administration or something.
This show actually becomes funnier every week lmao. Hell, the soundtrack and Sat-chan's savage laugh alone crack me up.
Wow, this was one of the funnest episodes ive seen in a long time.
I legit love this series. Koto is still best girl.
Saito, you evil dog of the state, you even have a rocket? But it's alright. No one can defeat the Colors in protecting the peace.. except a pocket tissue!
Someone get me a gif or screen cap of the most important part of the episode. Nonoka's sister getting hit in the butt with the pocket tissue attack.
Am I the only one expecting them to win a pocket tissue once they gathered the 5 tickets?
I was, only because I've seen so many of those drawings end that way in other shows, heh
Oh man, this episode was great. Pretty much every joke landed absolutely perfectly. This show just gets dialogue, and how to give each character their own specific voice. And the number of different scenarios it's managed to put the girls in and make them all work is nothing short of incredible.
One of the best episodes so far. I liked the callbacks to previous episodes and more Nonoka is always great.
It also comfirms my theory that the colors will join the yakuza when they grow up.
Koto-chan is going to grow up into a fearsome crime boss/super villian
P O C K E T - T I S S U E - A T T A C K U


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