Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Märchen Mädchen] Episode 7 "The Allegory of The Honest Man" impressions

Episode 7
"The Allegory of The Honest Man"

Who am i supposed to root for when no one has a decent reason for wanting to win??? I want to be taller, i want to have smaller boobs, my mom won, i wanna be smarter... What?

It's a SoL-like show. A lot of dramatic subplots, but it's so light it's basically a friendship SoL

Wanting to be smart enough that she's not taken advantage of to the point where she's dragging her friends down with her seems a pretty good wish to me.

This episode was the best one so far. The Russian team got me rolling. Not the milk! Bakana, 90% of Asians don't have the necessary enzymes to break down lactooooooose, how could we have possibly lost?! I'm cryin' it was so funny.

The leaders “love” letter had me dying

I was considering dropping this show after last weeks episode, but this one convinced me to keep going. Totally worth it for those few great moments.

Yeah, I think we have a best team. The Russians.

God, I love these silly Russians. Their spectacular failures in the first part of the episode were fucking hilarious.

This show needed a heavy dose of ridiculous, and today, the Russians delivered. Great show, great episode.

Pretty sure that they used the same Russian Song as Girls Und Panzer...the Rya also makes a lot more sense to me from both shows and the explanation of it here.
Knowing how Cinderella works, I'm pretty sure that our main group is probably going to win and she is going to untarnish The Fool so it works properly again.

Also the same Russian song as tetris.

Well they aren't even trying anymore, the art has just gotten progressively worse there are way too many derp faces but this episode was pretty funny with the russian team.

Indeed, they were at least making an effort last episode. This episode was full of QUALITY. I laughed hard at some of the faces.

Its great that everything is back to normal.
If I had to describe the Russians, they're like the Three Stooges except they are cute and actually funny.

And there's four of them. Well, five including Tatiana.

Likelihood of that having been The Little Match Girl who messed up Tatiana's book? That's my guess, anyway.
Some faces were horrifyingly off model in this episode.

That's pretty much a given to me. Because of the role she played, and the hooded figure even looked like her.
Ugh... I can't wait to see her bite the dust. Gosh I hope she won't get the redemption ending.

I loved it! The russian team really has a sad backstory, and it's great to see how most team have a very legitimate reason to seek victory besides the old «win to win» goal that's so common in sport animes. I also loved how the traps laid by the russians were casually ignored, that «free wifi» sign made me burst laughing. Such an overlooked anime. The character design and development is fantastic.

Russia team best girl!

Is it just me or does this show feel a tad nationalistic? I mean here you have the Japanese team as the heroes and the ones in the right, while the Russians, in this episode, are the ones trying to rig the tournament in their favor. To be fair, it does, at the very least, try to make the Russians sympathetic, so I don't think it's an offensive portrayal or anything of the sort. It'll be interesting to see how the Americans will be characterized in later episodes.


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