Monday, February 26, 2018

[Mahoutsukai no Yome] Episode 20 "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs" [impressions]

Episode 20
"You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs"

This was a pretty sad episode overall, but Chise's "Wow" when she saw her arm cracked me up

We need a shorter clip of basically just the "wow" itself, to use for reactions :P

I found it a little happy since it is the first time she desires to live

No it's not. We've seen her desire to live in other episodes, like when that fairy doctor tried to drown her.

That was for a second though plus I mis-worded what I meant what was trying to is look their is something positive here.

We also see her wanting to live when Elias almost strangled her to death. Either way, that character development already took place a few episodes back.

Could they cut off her arm and just give her a metal one? Full Metal Magus' Bride

Full Metal Magus' Bride Evergarden

why don't they just collect the dragon balls to fix the dragons curse?

And a dragon is right there. Needs just a little snip-snip.

I love how her first reaction to the hand was like WOW, BIG DEMON HAND this is gonna be useful.
So Stella is controlled by Joseph, I guess that is what he did to he body last time we saw her, still do - how did he even know she was friends with Chise? Feels like my old theory about Ashen Eye as his evil partner seems possible.
And Witches are of course good vs this specific curses as magic is not curse (is this fairy tail now?)

First time ever where an anime character and I said the same line together.

How is Stella controlled by Joseph? Because she was outside the window listening and then it showed him having knowledge he hasn’t seen?

There was that short scene from a previous episode where Stella is passed on the street by Joseph and he implants something in her neck.

Looks like the stakes have been raised. I am really curious as to the direction that the show can take from here.

Let's go find a cure in the coven now!

I can't believe this series continues to be so great, but I do wonder why the arm can't be cut or what witches are like in this series

It probabply doesnt have Chise's arm as its root, rather the curse is already inside all of her body and the dragon-fication is just starting to show on her arm. Would explain her coughing blood.

Like a cancerous tumour that's already metastasized.


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