Monday, February 26, 2018

[Kokkoku] Episode 8 "The Eight Moment" [impressions]

Episode 8
"The Eight Moment"

Woah. She'd been playing that card really close to her cest. I like that.
Anime needs more antagonists like Sagawa, IMO. He's calm, deliberate, and always plans rationally, staying two steps ahead of the others. He's got his eyes fixed on his goal (controlling Stasis, obtaining immortality), and doesn't waste his time on useless fluff or gloating. It's not just him though, I like how everyone else (left alive) is thinking before leaping, and not during. 
Meanwhile, Juri's dad continues to be a sleazebag.
 The Stasis spell mechanics are a little wonky. IIRC, Grandpa had to bleed+recite a spell to get everyone around him out of Stasis, provided he had the Master Stone. How does this mean that putting his blood into the stone would expel only him.. maybe there's some detail I'm forgetting that will be brought up next episode.
I got a solid laugh when he grabbed the money off the counter.

Haha, me too. Hilarious, I believe we all can relate to that pig in some way.

Grandpa doesn't really knows a lot about stasis, he just knows some things, and chances are the ritual is not even needed.

I think that's because they all had to be touchig eachother when the spell was recited. Logic would follow that if he wasn't touching anyone he would leave stasis by himself.
The mechanisms of the stone have been lost to the family, I feel as someone down the line has been making up stuff as they went along, hence grandpas recitations etc. Blood isn't even neccesary seeing from the last episode, just boldily fluid. 
I swear to god, nothing better happen to the most precious bean in the universe. Let this grandpa skeet along.

Sacrifice the dad and the child but leave grandpa alone!

Man, the thug who joined up with the main team really grew on me. To think I'd actually really enjoy this character... Surprising. Even when he's barely doing things I just liked having him around.

I always love when a random henchman decides to help the good guys. They usually die tho :(

Same. But while the thug keeps growing on me, I'm liking Juri's dad less and less. Granted, he's been a delusional dimwit from the get go but he's rotten to the core. He's probably gonna try some shit and fail miserably lol

Ow, it's hard watching it weekly. I'm really curious to see what's next...
I have a feeling Grandpa will be kicked out of the Statis...

This was very exciting for me because the translation of the manga never got this far.

Please can someone just get Dad out of Stasis???

Dafuq is that endcard even trying to be?

Never read Tough is a great manga, and its OVA is ok.
I personally love how we are getting a bunch of big mangakas just going out and giving their support to this series in the form of endcards.

This anime is great and I love it, but I feel like the pacing has really slowed down in the last few episodes. It's interesting to learn about stasis but still, the first few episodes really packed a lot of content while also explaining the world mechanics.
There doesn't seem to be much left to the story. Juri just has to put her arm on Sagawa and it's game over or he could kill her, but I don't think they would go this route. Or maybe the stone gets destroyed.
Anyway, I hope this anime ends in a couple of episodes rather than going for a full 12/13 ep season. I think a good, concise ending would be good for this kind of show rather than dragging the ending for too long.

We Yu Yu Hakusho now, I guess...

Haha, yeah, was definitely getting some Toguro jr. vibes from Sagawa today.


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