Saturday, February 24, 2018

[Koi wa Ameagari no you ni] Episode 7 "Heavy Rain" impressions

Episode 7
"Heavy Rain"

That instrumental ED during the apartment scene was fantastic

It was absolutely spectacular

Reminder that the ED has just gone on sale recently. Hopefully that full instrumental ver is available somewhere soon too

I do not know what it is, but the relationship between these two is one of my favorites in a long time. The manager realizing that she means a lot to him and that apartment scene was just fantastic. I just hope this does not have a sad ending.

It was one hug..just one hug and I could barely handle myself

I was so moved I cried. Never has an anime made me cry tears of happiness.

I find this anime strangely compelling, while always fearing a cringey plot turn, but this episode was extremely well done. After all, we can't control how we feel whether it's appropriate or inappropriate. I love how Kondo understands and cherishes how Tachibana feels and how he is approaching it. I'm starting to feel 12 episodes is way too short for this story.

The development is so bittersweet. So the outcome I'm cheering for is that her romance does not work out, but that she can still take away something positive from it? This episode was a really interesting step. I think Kondo is developing an idea of how he can make that happen, but at the same time he can't help it to be fascinated by her as well.

I still believe in a happy end where it all works out for the best. Where they both get the right things out of this relationship and she can move on.

This show keeps surprising me every week. Each episode always ends up being better than I expected. It would've been so easy to turn this unlikely relationship into a creepy or bizarre one but their interactions are always so organic and wholesome. That was such a touching scene in the apartment and I'm so happy to finally see tenchou be more comfortable and direct with Tachibana, even hugging and comforting her.

Why is this anime so good ?

Animation art is there, story is somewhat unique, and the characters develop naturally and through events that can be shared by most people. Nostalgia sells really well.

The scenes at Kondo's apartment was so good. Kondo's inner monologues are so well put together.
Stitch of Akira with the light through the curtains, Akira sick on bed, Akira heavy breathing.
Tachibana is also drinking Kondo's Sport Drink now :)

OMG didn't realize about the drink until I read your comment!!!

Damn that was a fantastic looking episode.

Sad Akira hurts my soul
But that Hug at the end was so Beaultiful

The scene where she came to his home during the rain was captured in anime perfectly. It had one of the best art in the manga

She really does teleport to him whenever it rains. It is almost like she is a rain goddess. I wonder what will happen when it is winter and the rain turns into snow

The apartment scene finished with their intense hug were one of the most beautiful moments in romance anime I have ever seen. The mix of his monologue + the ED shaped the moment wonderfully.


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