Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Killing Bites] Episode 7 "Because...That's What I Feel Like!" impressions

Episode 7
"Because...That's What I Feel Like!"

I love how Yoko's backstory is "The professor turned my grandpa into a furry and I want him back."

That's like the entire point of what Killing Bites is.

I still don't get it. What is Killing Bites about? I feel they should make that clearer and not leave it so ambiguous, I am not fucking Einstein.

I mean, we've got a few theories going around. I sent the question to a few researchers to work on. Another guy I know asked some scientists. We're working on it, but it's really just too cryptic for us.
Not enough clues at this point.

Today in Killing bites we have a Cheetah and a Honey badger making sweet Yuri love in their natural habitat for all you lewd viewer to see.

And everyone loved every second of it.

"You don't need sharp fangs to win"
Is this the biggest death flag known to man?

Immortal hyper announcer girl. She was part of grandpa's entourage during the flashback and she looked the same.

Little Yoko is adorable!
When your plan is going well. When you get some yuri actions.
Some good Yoko's faces this episode. So she doesn't like Killing Bites much huh.
Some stitches of Eruza and Hitomi "fighting"

Smug Yoko is the best Yoko. But damn embarrassed Yoko is great too.

All this time we thought killing bites was about who had the sharper fangs... but in reality, THIS is what killing bites was truly all about.

We where in the mindset of the president granddaughter, that is some kind of honorable combat but as we see the president has developed and improved on the Killing Bites to make it much more entertaining and more mainstream than just a bloodbath.

I dropped Citrus 4 weeks ago and it came back to me!
What are my furry girls doing...

They're fighting, duh. The best kind of fight.

I hope that's what Killing Bite is about...

I dropped Citrus 4 weeks ago and it came back to me!

The yuri was so great I forgot someone got punched through the skull.
I get the feeling this image will stay with me for a long time.

Animal girls lewdly kissing that is what Killing Bites is about, and I am oddly okay with that. Civet is best girl on at least some level. The crowd reaction on this was also stupid. The blood thirst turned into a thirst of a very different kind. They should drop the Killing bit and just make it about that, seems to amuse the rich people more.
And reptile team really got a bad run. RIPtile.

Finally the glorious yuri moment between Hitomi and Eruza happened.
And lmao at the public loving the moment too.

I swear if this ever gets an English dub I’m buying it.


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