Friday, February 23, 2018

[Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san] Episode 7 "Shopping,Swimisuit,Ocean,Room" impressions

Episode 7



Are middle school girls usually this perceptive? I'm having a lot of "it's fine, no one will notice" flashbacks and I think I may coming to understand why girls wouldn't talk to me...

Takagi-san doesn't even give a shit anymore, she's straight up going on the offensive lol. I love this show.
Their wedding is gonna be hilarious. Nishikata will probably still think it's a prank.

The year is 2020. Nishikata is more ripped than a phone book in a gorilla enclosure, with a build that intimidates the gorilla and everyone else within a 10 mile radius. His pushups are starting to shake the earth itself. He continues to be the victim of Takagi's teasing.

The year is 2030. Nishikata has become an idol and object of worship of Armstrong family. The density of his muscles started to bend the light around him. When Godzilla appeared in Japan he scared it away just by flexing his biceps. Chuck Norris himself came to Japan to have arm wrestling contest with him and lost, with Nishikata accidentally causing the continent to break in two

Next episode, he'll probably complain about how he missed an episode of 100% Unrequited Love...

this episode still has me giggling like an idiot from start to end. Eyebrow chan segment also great!

I can't stop laughing at Nishikata bolting outta his room like that

All the 100% unrequited love scenes always have me giggling like an idiot. And goddamn did Nishikita make some great gif worthy expressions this episode

I wonder if he said "I think you look good no matter what you're wearing" will he win for once

True, but that would be way too embarrasing for him to say.
Nishikata's true enemy is himself.

Damn it now I need a Takagi-san in my life

I need her since Episode 1.

"This may continue until you say I look good."
She is dastardly, and this show continues to be too cute. Nishikata will never realize that Takagi-san is the ultimate gambler in situations like the bet this episode. She never has any skin in the game, because she wouldn't mind doing whatever he asked. He's the only one with anything to lose.

Takagi was Alpha af. Surprised when she lost her calm when she was alone. That was too cute.

Finally, the ultimate Jebaited chapters are here. From the naked curtain to studying on bed, these are among my favourite chapters from the manga and boy did it NOT disappoint.

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