Tuesday, February 27, 2018

[Gintama] Episode 349 impressions

Episode 349
"Ogres Are Weak Against Tiny Heroes Like the inch-High Samurai"

Lol didnt think i would see a Walking Dead reference in Gintama, this episode was good.

 woot woot tsukuyo's back!! she's always so cool, can't wait to see her in action again!

I recommend you guys go read chapters 616 to 619. These events were much better in the manga, the anime didn't really do them justice.

Yeah, the first episode In this arc that I was kinda left down by. I like Kyubei, and I am kinda sad that she got short end of the stick here.

Yeah, it was pretty awful in comparison with the manga. So many neatly choreographed scenes were reduced to still-shots or off-model messes.

When Tsukuyo came I thought she would miss one kunai and hit gintoki's head like she did before lol.

Of all the places to see a Walking Dead reference. Holy shit Gintama is amazing!

Well, Gintama is probably the likeliest out of all the anime.

The animation this episode was pretty bad imo. I hope the quality improves next episode.

Yeah lots and lots of still frames.

There was as much as Episode 259, but next episode looks great
Agreed, specially noticeable in that final fight with the ogre. Lots of still frames and little movement.

To be fair considering how much they had to draw(fights with many combatants ) it was decent. Next episode should be better.

I dunno where this confidence comes from. Pretty much the rest of this arc is nonstop fights. Gintama of yore worked well because the fights were brief and sporadic. This entire ending honestly feels like a challenge Sorachi is issuing Sunrise that he knows they will likely fail. There’s just too much, for too little budget, and too little skill. If one of the older Gintama directors were still in charge I’d maybe have more faith, but whoever is handling things right now has no vision or sense of timing.

More like Sunrise has to much budget(that's why they were able to hire 9 key animators this episode lol)
And the 1st gintama director is the sound director now, and the 2nd gintama director is the Supervisor now

It was another great episode contentwise. Kyubei getting some spotlight in a serious arc was great, she was the MVP of the episode. Although Tsukuyo's entrance was a close second. And Gintoki was as always, perfect.
My only problem is that the episode was a bit too fast for my liking. They animated 5 chapters in one episode and you could actually feel it while watching it. The animation wasn't bad, but inconsistent at some parts. Still nothing too terrible of course.
Anyway, I think animationwise, they decided to sacrifice this episode to focus on some other episodes. I really love this arc though. I can't wait to see more.
Goatama final arc, going at full speed.

IMO, Episode 349 Did Not do the fight justice(it was just solid), they shouldn't have reused that scene from Episode 348(should have used that extra minute for the ending so that there is more power to it)
But Episode 350 has Great Staff in it, so expect that episode to look amazing

Kyubei MVP in this episode. We rarely see her in serious arcs so this was great.

Lol, how many times will Gin-san's balls drop?
Jirocho and Pirako are back, judging from the preview! I can't wait to see more characters come back! :D


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