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[Fate/Extra: Last Encore] Episode 5 "The Bow of Prayer -Yew Bow-" [impressions]

Episode 5
"The Bow of Prayer -Yew Bow-"


Oh. What happened when he died, then? Where'd Dedfaes find the gun? Why was there a gun?
The dummy in the clock tower probably had one.
Why would the dummy have a loaded gun
As far as we know they could be bullets made of mana, or maybe is just some avenger fuckery.
If you had bullets made of mana why would you need a gun
ah forget it
The weapon was made from Rani's cube. In the previous episode she states that it is able to create clones and weaponry. She used the cube to get the bike and then Hakuno use the cube to make a gun and the cube is shown. Thats why the gun dissapears right after.
Why can't they hear the gunshots before the bell if the gunshots are coming from near them?
He just needs to shoot while the bell is ringing, it doesn't matter if the bullet takes longer to get to the target, right?
Way better fight than Shinji/Drake.
Hope it keeps getting better.
00:40 Suzuka Gozen?
04:35 Fuuma Kotarou?
Yeah, we're getting a lot of cameos from Grand Order Servants (Though I guess Suzuka was originally a Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail Servant). I wonder who else we'll end up seeing before the end of this.
Kotaru is one of my favorite servants. It's nice to see him. On screen (and promptly murdered)
Is it me or in every loop, Hakuno has a different servant? I mean in the flashback, he was with Suzuka Gozen right? (cat ears, floating swords, tall grey heels) So there’s a possibility that we might see a loop where he has Tamamo as his servant.
Also, Hakuno.chr is corrupted. We gotta restore Hakunon.chr if possible
At this rate anime onlies are gonna feel unsatisfied with the characters. lol
Fate Extra Last Encore really is a sequel to Fate Extra and this is their last encore.
Nasu said he wanted to both fans and non fans enjoy, but this is clearly made for Extra fans they don't bother to explain command seal or even some Extra specific stuff, I don't mind it too much to be honest I love Extra and watching something new related from it coming from Nasu is pretty exciting.
Wish it was higher budget tho, some people complain how there's a lot of exposition and fights who ends too fast but it's not too different from Zero, this time sadly it's not ufotable animating and now people notice this sort of stuff.
Well, we got to see more of Hakuno's Dead Face mode. Apparently it at least makes him a lot stronger and faster, but what else can it actually do? And what is it, actually? Still a lot of mysteries about, and I'm looking forward to getting the answers.
Rani says that there is a congregation of discarded negative emotions from dead spirits in SE.RA.PH being held there by the Moon Cell. Hakuno wonders who it is and I think it's him. That's his dead face mode, the voices in his head and the hatred thing, it all comes from the power of dead people.
This week, on Fate/Gets Shafted:
  • I'm curious what servants were fighting in those flashbacks besides Robin.
  • Careful Saber, giving away your identity there, almost..
  • Oh no. The surest way to piss off anime viewers is to bring up chess.
  • Rosa Ictus is the name of Saber's sword. Rosa I am sure you can guess; The meaning of Ictus being used is that of the moment of a beat in music or poetry. It comes from a Latin word for stress.
  • Just who the hell do you think she is?
  • Really, giving it away at this point. The gender is the only point that will confuse.
  • Goodbye, Rani
  • By the way, where the hell was Rin? Besides being best girl and popping up post credit.
Umu count this episode: 7

Rani dies so early


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