Saturday, February 24, 2018

[Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku] Episode 7 "Camping Lessons That Began With a Death March" impression

Episode 7
"Camping Lessons That Began With a Death March"

I'd recite my last prayer if I found an owl staring at me inside my home.

It happened to me once... i got scared, it got scared and died by flying against a mirror in panic...

I once nearly shat my pants when going downstairs in the middle of the night something was looking at me from the window. Thought it was an owl but turned out it was a cat.

That owl showing up in the room was actually really unsettling, and I rarely get my jimmies rustled in an anime.

The sound design of the scene was so on point. That's what sold it for me.

hes level 310 isn't' everything a non-threat?

Satou lacks actual combat experience/skill and the 'Skills' that support them.
Unique Skills are always a danger to him as you can see even Lv10 Arisa managed to break through his defenses using her Unique Skills which are frankly rather tame in respect to other Unique Skills that show up later.

The real threat is him accidentally destroying everything trying to protect the kids

I really like that aspect of the combat so far. Even though he starts off the show super overpowered, there are still legitimate reasons that work in-universe as to why he can't just faceroll every encounter. If I were in his shoes though, I would have immediately found a way to min-max and get those martial skills up so that my only option isn't just nuking everything.

I felt like the character animation this episode was worse than usual .. lots more stills and slightly off facial expressions. It wasn't amazing to start with but it wasn't this bad. Everyone else focused on the owl and I'm over here wondering if something happened to the art team.

Yo wtf that last scene was way too creepy to just get followed immediately by the super cute and relaxing ED

They managed to make the owl reveal at the end actually creepy. Well done.

Surprisingly chill episode, especially the camping part. Pochitama shenanigans are the best part of the episode, as usual. Lulu seems interesting, would like to see more of her

Somehow Pochi and Tama get more adorable every episode.



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