Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 8 "Shooting Star Moratorium" impressions

Episode 8
"Shooting Star Moratorium"

"My first Childbirth"
Oh No the kids are going to learn where babies come from they are Growing up too fast
oh god they've barely figured out what a kiss is, when they find out they can do more than take a piss...
When they find out what they can do with their hands...
What I see: beach episode
What it truly is: death flags galore
Underrated comment. Everyone is happy about the break from the action and I'm here sweating cause Zero Two says, "We'll be together forever won't we?"


Specially the Zorome speech near the end, I believe that was a massive death flag
So many death flags. There's just a dude with two bright ass orange fluorescent flags signing out "EVERYONE DIES".
I feel like something is being built up between Kokoro and Mitsuru. Also Goro still seems to be trying to come to terms with what exactly he feels for Ichigo. I wonder if anything will come of it since it seems that Ichigo still has a thing for Hiro.
Yeah, at some point they're going to have to answer pairing questions like "what happens if two of same sex are in a Franxx." We know the rules now, but what are some fun ways they can bend and break.
Well, we started out with a partner dying. So, that's out there. I don't think they'll kill off Hiro for the reasons others have said elsewhere, but if something happened to Ichigo, or if Hiro had to pick who to save in the heat of the moment, there could be plenty of drama potential...
Lastly, how is it that the girls can share a teasing moment and talk about jealousy but magically Goro doesn't know what jealousy is? That felt like a slip up in the writing.
From this episode, I think Kokoro is someone we should be paying attention to. A lot of this episode is highlighting her relationships with the other characters particularly the secondary cast. Both Zorome and Futoshi have crushes on her. Kokoro and Miku have a closer relationship than the other girls. And there's a whole bunch of odd things going on between Kokoro and Mitsuru.
And her finding a book on childbirth is definitely a sign something is going to happen. I think anything happening to Kokoro will have a really big impact on the cast.
There's certainly something between Kokoro and Mitsuru. It's like they're behaving like somewhat distant siblings or people formerly in a relationship.
"And one day, we'll surely become adults, too!"
Considering what the kids from plantation 26 said, I got a bad feeling about your chances Zorome :(
Also Ichigo ain't backing down gotta give her credit for that
It's interesting that they know there is a connection between adults and children, but they see it as an achievement or a reward, not something that naturally happens. I wonder if they came to this conclusion on their own, or if it was planted.
It's also still weird that the kids are called parasites and by serial numbers, but so much effort goes into taking care of them, including a surprise BBQ. Is that the good Dr being "weird," feelings of guilt or indulgence, or just fattening the sacrificial calf, so to speak.
Goro getting swept up in their antics was the best part of the whole episode.


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