Tuesday, February 27, 2018

[Citrus] Episode 8 impressions

Episode 8
"War of love"

Society: "You can't solve all your problems with sexual assault!"
Mei: "That's where you're wrong kiddo"

When you want to keep a conversation going but run out of things to talk about.

I love Yuzu, she's super relatable!
Relatable ? I wish I could be that bold.
Don't let your memes be dreams!
Make sure you have consent! That is a requirement.
Can Matsuri just fuck off please? From that flashback it seemed like she was originally a shy girl. Wonder what happened.
Reality probably Hit Matsuri like a truck and she didn't have anyone to help cope
I didn't know citrus was an isekai.
 yuri isekai would proabably make it more interesting than most of the stuff we're getting now.
I swear my body tenses up every time Matsuri is on the screen
Her voice does carry an asshole-puckering quality with it.
God that voice is so fucking irritating. Her VA is pretty great.
Yup. Loved her in Made in Abyss and absolutely hate her in Citrus. That’s how you can tell if someone is talented.
Harumin frightens a loli
Mama Harumin does what she wants.
The weak should fear the strong
Matsuri is the definition of the word "cunt"
I think "bitch" works fine as well.
Don't worry, I got you covered
Mei is getting cuter and cuter it's so..
Yeah.. Her smile here is so unexpected. But we're slowly seeing Mei changing
Top on the list of "smiles I'd like to protect."
Well, Matsuri continues to be up to no good.
I just want Yuzu and Mei to be happy
But we can't have that 8 episodes into this series now can we?
When there's yuri, there's a way!
Only one small scene yet she is the highlight of the episode! Bless Harumin!!!
She had so little time but was great <3
This basic plot felt so hentai to me,
Evil girl gets random thugs to do stuff for her, basically - if they want more then onee-chans pantsu they gotta do X for her. Evil Girl lures "innocent" girl to basement / where no one can hear her screams - her thugs can now violate her - tape it - blackmail her to be her slave.
Evil Girl can now date "innocent girl´s" girlfriend the cute and loveable gyaru, as she forced innocent girl to her to dump cute girl.
So yeah if it was a hentai they would both end up as evil girls slaves obviously.
I don't know if you mean hentai = brainless plot, if so you're totally right.
Like even in last episode we got Matsuri forcefully kissing Yuzu because she wanted Mei to see it and of course Yuzu had no idea.
Many shallow moments that only means to drag down the main couple. Not the most impressive way to improve a relationship by overcomming the "hard times".
Its the classic hentai NTR plot, its like ahhaha I got his blackmail image that is not super damaging yet you will now agree to be my sex slave for the rest of your life.
And also of course generally that she managed to just get some random boys to do her bidding for promised sexual favors and so on.

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