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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 8 "Sakura, the Clock, and a Hide -and- Seek Game" impressions

Episode 8
"Sakura, the Clock, and a Hide -and- Seek Game"

"Wait for the time to come", eh? Is Sakura supposed to go through a rite of passage or something? And nigh everyone is on it??? CLAMP, what kinds of signals are you sending!? We want answers, God damn it!
In other news, our long-awaited return of


Sounded more like a Panya~n to me.
it's hanyan if you've been following the series since the original.
The official subs on CR have it as "anyan", IIRC. In any case, I distinctly heard it start with either "P" or "B" in this episode.

An eyecatch featuring Momo... TOTALLY JUST A STUFFED TOY!!!

When Sakura asked Syaoran out on a date.
I still have no idea who the antagonist is. I'm nearly positive it's not Akiho or Syaoran at this point. Future Sakura going back in time for some reason is also out for now.
As of this episode, Kaito is the antagonist and he has been using some kind of shrinking magic to make himself the same height at Sakura. There's my fourth prediction so far.

I doubt that, Kaito seems more like a Yue or Ruby than the main antagonist in his own right.

Yeah he's a sun guardian thing like Kero, except human like Yue and Ruby, and Momo is the moon thing because in Japan rabbits = moon except its a cute animal.

Kaito's full name is Yuna D Kaito. Fai's full name is Fai D Flourite (the D indicating his rank as a great mage). Also, the characters in Akiho's book are suspiciously identical to the magical inscriptions Fai used. I don't know if CCS will tie in with Tsubasa, but knowing Clamp...

It doesn’t necessarily need to tie into Tsubasa. We already know there were many magicians other than Clow Reed. This does however likely tell us that Yuna is a powerful magician himself.
That said, I wouldn’t doubt CLAMP try and link the two.

Man I just want to know what Li has been up to!!!
Good episode, was nice to see Ruby wanting to go back, really hope she gets reunited with Toya-kun.

Yes! More clingy, super genki Ruby is always a treat.

Indeed. Every time it happens in the original was my favorite part.

There are some really strong parallels between Akiho and Sakura. If she's following the same storyline as Sakura... is Sakura kind of hogging the cards that should be Akiho's? Is Cardcaptor Akiho the real story of this arc? I'm guessing at the very least they'll need to combine their powers.

Well that would be a twist... Sakura inadvertently being the antagonist. But if we go with this theory it just opens a while other can of worms. Has Akiho captured other cards? Wouldn't Momo tell Akiho that Sakura has her cards? (Assuming Momo is Akihos Kero) If Akiho is the hooded figure, why not just explain the situation to Sakura?
Still it's fun to theorize and it gets me excited for more episodes.

Also I wonder if Momo will be more obsessed with sweets than Kero or Suppi, it's been such a theme.

I think it will remain a theme. Suppi is kind of a Tsundere for Sweets while Kero is more open with his love for them. I think Momo might be more "serious" or Yandere like in nature for sweets. Either way, can't wait for the reveal.

Was Kaito present in the Clear Card manga? I remember reading the first 13 chapters in English, and I do not remember his presence, although that might have happened in later untranslated chapters.
Kaito and the mysterious clockbook has me VERY interested about where the plot will go.

That clock book looks like it has the same style as the Clow/Sakura book's front/back cover.
And let's not forget the Clow book had writing in it as well.

Yeah, but I always thought that the book was a container for the Cards power when not in use and an extension of Kero to keep order over the cards as there is a large card shaped hole in the book .


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