Wednesday, February 28, 2018

[Brack Clover] Episode 21 impressions

Episode 21
"Capital Riot"

The last two episodes have ended really well with Asta delivering a powerful, defiant line and then cutting to the credits.

Yeah, gotta hand it to them. These last two episodes, looks like they've learned how to turn that GET HYPED knob straight to 11.

I am guessing that necromancer bad guy is a just a huge decoy for the real bad guys, hes attacking everywhere and is just creating chaos.

Maybe Asta will kick his ass and then Yuno would deal with the main bad guy until like the Wiz King comes back
you gotta give some battles to Yuno you know

Yuno will very likely have to defeat one of the Uber zombies that is shown in the opening.

So the nobles insult Asta and he does absolutely nothing until they dump wine on Noelle's head. Even then he only speaks out against them and THEY attack him.
Yet, somehow, he's the one acting out in their minds. That's... absolutely infuriating. Fuck the nobles.

Fuck the nobles rings true for about 90% of the nobles in this series... I think there is like two including Noelle who are digestible.

There's new scene before the OP in case anyone skip ahead.
This arc seems exciting. As much as most of the royals are entitled pieces of shit, it would be good to see their magic, and get some good fights going. Asta has been badass this couple of episodes and looks like he will continue to be.

If nothing else, the magic in BC is a lot of fun. What it lakes in imaginative naming and balance (Hunter x Hunter style) it makes up for in entertainment and the breadth of what's possible.

I find it strange that none of the citizens are even trying to use magic to help defend themselves or escape. Everyone has magic, right? And this is the Noble Realm, so these people should have more magic than peasants. Maybe they haven't trained it for combat, but I mean at least get on a broom and fly away or something!

Yeah I almost missed it because I always skip the demon narration thing.

I do not skip anything cuz it's a part of atmosphere show creates.

Welp, we're zombie apocalypse now.

and that too w/o any guns
Let's see how this one goes

Who needs guns when you have magic?

Don't forget, in this world, magic is everything!

I honestly almost dropped this at the start of the season, and I’m so glad I didn’t. This show has consistently been getting better and better every week and these last two specifically have gotten me hyped about what will happen next!

Really impressed with the pacing of the ep. Besides the huge intro and OP the ep flowed really nicely today, whereas near the beginning of the the show would have ended w/ saying the city was attacked, or maybe when Nozel showed up. 20 or so eps in and we finally have the makings of a good show.


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