Thursday, February 22, 2018

[Boruto] Episode 46 impressions

Episode 46
"Go! The Crest of Night Strategy"


Pretty sure that scroll doesn’t have what they think it has. Katasuke was being cagey about its contents. It’s gonna end up being a joke in the end, maybe a new game for Boruto to try out or something.
I was seriously wondering who was leading sumires team, now I'm satisfied
Well there is a possibility that she is their team leader and would be awesome but she also could be just a random Jonin assigned to mission that just happens to line up with the other Jonin (which were only three of them), and coincidentally are behind there own team. But if she is their team leader that would be hella lit!!! Plus they tried to keep the other Jonin secret.
I so want to know what the other 3 genin team are up to and now hanabi has me all hyped for the girl team.
Naruto face was totally creeping me out through his entire speech. But cool ep overall
His face was a little scary. The shadows didn't help. Looked like he would snap and bijuu dama the crowd. I know he wouldn't but he looked a little evil.
"Boruto, it's time for you to recognize your true purpose as a ninja to secure the interests of the ruling class and take out those damn communisttebayo!"
Well considering that a shady group of money grubbing terrorist is behind the uprisings and rebellions (interesting history of that stuff with very REAL world implications), I’d say that the talk no jutsu is warranted.
I loved Narutos talk to his people. After all these years hes still winning them over
People can argue about what's the best jutsu all they want, but we all know the real answer is Talk No Jutsu lol

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